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What do Rhianna, Gwenyth Paltrow, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Kim Kardashian all have in common? (Besides being female celebrities of epic proportions, of course.) They are just a handful of the influential women rocking elegant jewelry from Jennifer Fisher. There’s much more to Jennifer Fisher than the fabulous bling that first meets the eye, though. In fact, this fashion designer, cancer survivor and mother of mother of two is one of the inspiring #WomenThatDo.

What exactly makes this designer so funky and fabulous? Here are nine facts about Jennifer Fisher that every fashionista should know.

1 She kicked cancer’s butt.

Fisher doesn’t just draw inspiration for her jewelry from the happy times in her life. In fact, she transitioned from wardrobe stylist to jewelry designer after she found out she had cancer. After undergoing chemo and marrying her husband, Kevin, she got pregnant – a risky move since estrogen can trigger tumor growth.

Once she gave birth, though, she wanted “something badass” to wear in the form of a “dog tag charm necklace,” she tells Fashionista. “Charms then became the core of my business.”

2 She basically designs three different jewelry lines.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “a man with many hats” to describe someone who has a variety of talents. When it comes to Fisher, though, she is a woman of many rings. She started designing jewelry as a full-time job roughly 10 years ago, and now appeals to three main types of customers.

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“You have to do stuff that’s going to work for editorial, celebrity, and the real person who’s going to be wearing the jewelry,” she explains. “So, in a way, I have to do three different lines. It’s fun though! Also a little crazy.”

3 She recently added a men’s collection. No big deal.

Adding to her other collections – which include one of brass and one of fine jewelry – the men’s collection will feature more simplistic, masculine designs. For instance, men can order cuff links and rubberized men’s bracelets with the initials of their partners engraved.

Fisher’s metal jewelry might even give a face lift to the traditional “his and hers” trend, with couples ordering matching bracelets. How does Fisher make simple jewelry so meaningful? According to her, “It’s nice to look down and think of someone you love.”

4 Her social media schedule is no joke.

If you’re like most women, you probably check out Instagram or Twitter whenever you have a random free moment in the day. For Fisher, though, posting on social media is part of the job – and she always makes sure to clock in right on time.

What’s the science behind waking up at 7 a.m. to share her online posts? According to Fisher, “There are specific times that work for our brand. I’m finding that it’s actually really helping business with my fans seeing a personal side to me and not just being all brand-based and jewelry-based. I’m a mom, I’ve got two kids, I’m a real person.”

5 Jewelry runs in her blood.

In terms of Fisher’s business, it’s accurate to use the words “a family affair.” Not only did her son inspire the charm that triggered her entire business, but Fisher also has some jewelers in her family history. “My grandfather was a polo player in Santa Barbara and a silversmith,” Fisher says (via Forbes). “He would make bolo ties, rodeo buckles and collar tips for his friends. I have a buckle he made me, it’s really cool.”

Compared to her grandfather, Fisher doesn’t design her jewelry while wearing a cowboy hat – and you probably won’t see her clientele participating in a rodeo anytime soon. However, it seems like her eye for design really is in the genes.

6 She isn’t afraid to ditch the trends.

Have you ever walked into the mall and noticed men and women all wearing the same style of clothes, type of jewelry or brand of shoes? While this conformity to trends may work for some people and some designers, Fisher prefers to swim against the tide.

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According to fashionista: “I think jewelry isn’t about trends, so why design for specific seasons? I really don’t want to be a trend-based designer.”

7 Jewelry isn’t her favorite part of fashion.

You might think that since charms kicked off her fashion line, her first fashion soulmate is jewelry. However, Fisher has actually always had a thing for clothes. “When I was young my mom got me a Vogue subscription, and I ended up creating wallpaper in my bedroom,” Fisher explains. “When we sold house, the buyers actually wanted to keep the Vogue wall. I’ve always been resourceful with clothes too, if I can’t find something I make it.”

8 Sometimes customers can be a little…eccentric.

If you are a businesswoman trying to please a certain clientele, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of eccentrics. Fisher can relate. In fact, she shares, “Once a guy wanted his German Shepherd’s head as a charm. So he sent a picture, and we designed it and it actually looked just like his dog. I won’t do just anything, no ice cream cones or anything, but we try to do whatever people want.”

In terms of asking for a fashionable design, a customer may not always be right – but that doesn’t mean Fisher won’t go the extra mile to create a personalized, meaningful charm.

9 She wants to create an experience for customers.

What is the real secret to Fisher’s business success? And how does she manage to appeal to such a diverse group of men and women, from celebrities to the average Joe? The key might be in Fisher’s goal. She tells Forbes, “Jewelry is so personal, it should reflect exactly who you are. Everyone is going to wear each piece in a different way. We are giving people the ability to be creative and have fun with it.”

Personal empowerment and some glam to go with it? Now that sounds like the perfect accessory for#WomenThatDo.

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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