Entity reports on the four best tips to copying Chloe Sevingy's style.

A woman of both immeasurable talent and beauty, Chloe Sevigny boasts perhaps one of the most unique styles in Hollywood. Her inspired indie glamour shines above the bodycon dresses and sky-high stiletto heels that are so frequently modeled in the industry. Using a mix of both traditional and unconventional pieces, Chloe has come to be recognized as a trend-setter and a trend-refuter.

Here are four style tips we can learn from Chloe Sevigny:

1 Try traditional menswear.


Whether she’s chilling at home, on the red carpet or at a photoshoot, Chloe makes sure to mix menswear into her wardrobe. She often rocks an androgynous look and doesn’t let what’s masculine or feminine restrict her fashion choices. For Chloe, if it’s fabulous, then it’s fabulous.

In a way, Chloe’s blindness to whether a look is intended for a man or a woman reflects one of fashion’s earliest icons: Coco Chanel. While many remember Chanel for her little black dresses, she also believed that fashion should reflect how a person felt, not their gender. As a result, she designed clothing that was more comfortable for women and found inspiration in men’s clean collars, simple sweaters and loose belts.

So maybe the next time you feel like trying out a different look, turn to Chloe and Coco for help. That structured blazer or button-up shirt has never looked so good!

2 Be aware of your accessories.

Chloe Sevigny Accessorizing

Chloe Sevigny is a master at accessorizing. She knows that a unique shoe or a fun purse can help pull together any outfit. That funky boot, fun purse or strange jewelry can make any outfit an ensemble worth remembering. Perhaps even more significant, accessories can actually influence how you feel. According to Positive Psychology News, when someone applies symbolic meaning (such as confidence, sexiness, competence, etc) to a piece of a clothing, they can “wear” that feeling when they wear the clothing.

This means that if that pink purse makes you feel like Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde” or you automatically feel like a #girlboss in those high heel boots, don’t forget to upgrade your outfit to upgrade your self-esteem.

3 Don’t be afraid to be unique.

Chloe Sevigny Taking Risks

Perhaps what makes Chloe Sevigny’s style the most unique is her ability to pull off unconventional looks. While people typically wear variations of the same style, Chloe wears out-of-the-box outfits. Even though the piece – a mirror curtain inspired dress or a frilly hat – could be considered silly or strange, Chloe rocks it.

As Bette Midler (American singer, songwriter, actress and film producer) explains, “Cherish forever what makes you unique, cuz you’re really a yawn if it goes.” The same goes for your wardrobe!

4 Let your outfit shine.

Chloe Sevigny

Even though Chloe’s outfits would never be considered “simple,” she usually keeps her makeup fresh and easy. She lets her unique style be the center of attention. This might be what makes her a fashion icon rather than a “fashion-not.” If you’re looking to rock a look like Chloe, stick to a simple red lip or a subtle layer of mascara. Let your outfit do the talking.

Do you want to give your hair the same, simple treatment. Need some ideas? According to Marie Claire.com, 10 hairstyles you can do in 10 minutes include:

  • The Modern Messy Bun
  • The Mega Volume Double Pony
  • The Twist-and-Pin
  • The Grown Up Half-Up-Half-Down
  • The Reversed French Pony
  • The Knotted Low Bun

The bottom line for rockin’ an outfit that Chloe Sevigny would be proud of? Embrace taking risks with your outfits, pick accessories that literally make you happy and let your outfit – not your make up or hair – do the talking. Looking like an Indie Goddess has never been easier.

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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