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Scents influence your everyday life in so many different ways; they spark your memories, they affect your emotions and they can even improve your health. According to Ambius, studies reveal that people can remember a scent with “65 percent accuracy after one year, while visual memory sinks to 50 percent after only a few months.”

People associate smells with memories, people, places and brands. A fragrance is an experience—and an unforgettable one at that. So, make some memories and emotional connections this summer with these fresh, elegant and seasonal scents.



Ditch the face mist, and spritz this cucumber-scented fume for a hot day. This fragrance is by Marc Jacobs and is sold at Sephora for $62. You can be sure that this unique scent will turn you into a memorable woman!


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There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh sheets! Feel like a woman who just hopped out of the shower with this spray-on scent. The cotton-fresh scent is available on the & Other Stories website as a lotion, roll-on scent or as a mist fragrance.



Don’t be shy – you can have the occasional expensive taste. This elegant perfume is available at Barneys New York for $245 and it combines the luxurious scents of black amber, blue lilac and Turkish rose. The intoxicating eau de parfum A Lilac A Day is the scent of a summer date. With a spritz of this, you won’t have to worry about getting that second date text. And if things don’t work out, you at least found your soulmate from the perfume aisle.


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In Style describes this as a “très chic mixture of fresh bergamot, African violet, and black currant.” This vibrant, youthful scent is inspired by springtime in Paris. It comes in an Italian-designed glass bottle and an elegant, gold-leafed box and can be purchased at Sephora for $68. Go ahead, reward yourself.



It’s an August summer day, you got a promotion, and now you’re ready to take a dip  and relax on a floaty. That’s what the Sunny Side smells like: success with a hint of flirty. This unisex fragrance lasts throughout the day and leaves you feeling sunny and bubbly. Purchase this scent at Sephora for $70.

Whether fresh or flirty, beachy or elegant, pick the scent that speaks to you. This summer is about making memories and meeting new men and women. Make that unforgettable first impression with one of these five fragrances!

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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