Entity shows you how to make oversized clothes more flattering.,

Oversized clothes are comfortable as a baby’s blanket. It’s easy to throw on baggy sweatpants if you overslept and only have 30 minutes before class starts. Extra large sweaters, loose-fitting pants, extra long shirts – you can style each to fit your Monday mood and lazy Sunday mornings.

But before you head out, you need to check yo self before you wreck yo self! Ask one question as you look in the mirror: Am I drowning in my clothes right now? As easy and comfortable it is to throw on an oversized sweater, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a huge trash bag.

Here are three ways you can make oversized clothes flattering.

1 Baggy meets fitted.

The number one rule to baggy meets fitted: balance.

Unless you want to look like you’re wearing five blankets, don’t wear multiple oversized items at once. Make sure you pair fitted items with anything oversized so that your body will look proportional.

Throw on your baggy cardigan over a fitted dress. Pair that oversized sweater with skinny jeans or leggings. Wear a cropped leather jacket with your T-shirt dress. You get the point – whatever oversized item you throw on, the more fitted everything else should be.

2 Cinch at your waist.

The number one rule to cinching: emphasize your waist.

Okay, maybe you want the baggy but sassy look. You’re going for the “I’m lazy to dress up for class, but I still want to look good for the cute guy who sits behind me, but I also want to feel comfortable because I was up all night studying” look.

This is when cinching in your waist becomes your best friend.

You can totally pair your joggers or palazzo paints with an oversized sweater. Yes, you can wear your baggy, loose blouse with your flared skirt. All you need to do is tighten it at the waist with a belt. This will give your outfit and body some shape. Remember you don’t want that “wearing five blankets” look.

3 Are you actually wearing oversized clothes?

Are you going to the men’s section for a triple XL shirt to make it look like a T-shirt dress on you? That could work, but it’s a tricky choice to make. It may just look too big on you.

A shirt that’s quadruple your size won’t be slim where it needs to be slim. For example, that triple XL shirt from the men’s section won’t have shorter sleeves, so it’ll just look boxy and big around your upper body.

When you’re going for the oversized look, get items that are no more than three sizes bigger than your usual fitted size. If you want to play it safe, however, only purchase oversized clothes that are designed with these looks in mind.

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