Entity has seven unconventional sexy lip colors to try this year.

‘Tis the season for hot chocolate, gifts under the tree and, of course, plenty of holiday parties! Whether you’re a businesswoman at an office party or a stay-at-home mom who wants to shake up her normal routine, finding the perfect makeup for a holiday party isn’t easy. Red? So last year (unless you’re Taylor Swift, of course). And pink? That doesn’t seem festive enough.

Luckily for you, unconventional lipsticks are one of beauty’s hottest (and jolliest) trends. Lipstick can now reflect the personality of the women who wear it, coming in every shade from blue to orange. You might even say that Christmas has come early this year … at least in terms of makeup variety!

Not sure where to start? Here are ENTITY’s seven favorite unconventional  lipstick colors worth rocking at any holiday party.

1 Dark blue

If you want a wintery look without the typical Christmas reds, why not do a Frosty the Snowman and rock some blue? When using bold colors like this one, keep your skin tone in mind. Bold colors look less abrasive when matched with darker skin tones, according to Bustle. So if you’re on the paler side, try adding some bronzer and blush to balance out your bold lips!

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2 Grey


Craving something totally new? Then gray is the color you’ve been dreaming of. To keep gray lipstick from washing you out, add some warmer colored makeup – like bronzer – and brighten some of your other favorite facial features, such as by adding a swipe of white eyeliner. Also, don’t stick to all grays either … instead, try rockin’ some festive black or purple dresses, fancy tops or tailored pants.

3 Brown

To really make brown lipstick pop among the sea of reds and pinks, remember one important tip: Always apply liner before wearing a dark lip shade. You want to apply a neutral color around the edges of your lips, as shown here, and blend it with your finger.

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This first coat helps prevent the brown color from coloring “outside the lines” or applying unevenly.

4 Green


When you’re sporting green lips, no one can deny you have some major holiday spirit. Refinery29’s biggest piece of advice? Just go for it. Make other women green with envy by keeping the rest of your makeup minimal for a striking look.

5 Royal Purple

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If you’re the kind of fashionista who thrives on taking risks, look no further than a swipe of purple lipstick to complete your look. To make a fierce festive style, US Magazine suggests combining purple lipstick with plush velvet pieces, colorful sequins or metallics. Since purple is such a statement color, don’t overdo it with the rest of your makeup either. Instead, stick to a bit of highlighter and enough mascara to make your eyes pop. 

6 Baby blue

Light blues stand out among the dark, bold lipsticks commonly seen during the holidays. When it comes to this color, don’t forget to have fun with the rest of your outfit. Throw on a funky ugly sweater or bright metallic dress.

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You are wearing blue lips, after all, so how much crazier could you really get?

7 Orange

Want to stick to the holiday theme without feeling like every girl (and her mama) is wearing the same shade of lipstick? Then walk to the orange-ish side of red. Whether you choose a light orange or a flame-colored tube (similar to what Kate Bosworth wore last holiday season), let the lipstick be the star of the show. Pair orange lipstick with dewy skin, a little blush and a lot of confidence for a shockingly jolly look.

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Whatever holidays you’re celebrating in the next few weeks, parties will probably be in your future. With a few swipes of these unconventional lipsticks, though, you’ll be a part of the holidays that everyone else won’t be able to forget!

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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