Do you ever find yourself wondering how all these celebrities are showing up on red carpets with perfect beach waves in their hair? They obviously didn’t hit the shoreline during the day, so how do they show up looking like Ariel gave them tips? If you’re a woman who wants to rock this perfect summer inspired hairstyle, ENTITY is here to help. We know a mermaid or two and we’ve figured out a few super simple ways to create this iconic California coastal hairstyle.

1 Twist and Flat Iron

Grab a section of your hair and twist it into a spiral. (In like, the bubblegum-chewing “This class is so boring” way.) While keeping the section twisted, grab a flat iron and apply heat to the spiral from top to bottom. Once you feel the section has been properly heated, release the spiral and admire your beachy wave. Repeat with the rest of your hair for the full look. (Don’t forget to alternate the direction you’re twisting the sections so they won’t end up clumping together!)

2 Duckbill Clips

Use duckbill clips the same way you would to get a slicked ’30s wavy hairstyle. Harness the clips into your wet or damp hair to form big waves and let your hair dry. If this isn’t working for you ladies with luscious manes, wrap your hair into tiny circles on your scalp and pin them in place. (Tip: Product is your friend!)

3 Loose Braids

Loosely braid your hair when it’s wet or damp to form your hair into amazing waves. Don’t forget to make French braids or your waves will start halfway down your head. You want to look like you spent the day at the beach, not half-dipped into the water and left after 30 minutes. In an interview with Allure, Mark Townsend, the Olsen twins’ hair stylist, advises, “Penelope Cruz taught me the greatest trick of all. She would loosely braid her hair before bed and wake up with amazing waves, so I do something like that on shoots.” The proof is in the pudding, ladies.

4 Scrunch With Product

When you get out of the shower, grab the bottom of your hair in a towel, scrunch the pieces up to the base of your head and release. Do this over and over again around your head. (Flipping your head upside down will help to get the hard to reach places!) Seventeen magazine concurs, suggesting you “Flip your head upside down… and lightly scrunch the curls with your hands!” Let it dry to get bouncy waves! Some pieces will always be temperamental, so curl any extraneous pieces to create the final look. If your hair has a little natural curl to it already, this method will work for you. If not, there are plenty of products made for setting curls. Find one that aligns with your hair type to use this method. (The less curl you have to your hair, the more vital a product will be to your success. If your hair is fairly wavy already, product isn’t necessary.)

5 Curling Wand

The trick to creating big beachy waves with a curling wand is to use a small barreled wand. You might think a big wand equals big curls but this is surprisingly untrue. Using a big wand will just take longer, along with making your hairstyle look less tousled and beachy, which is exactly what you’re going for! The best way to create beach waves is to use a small wand and curl large sections of hair. Since you’re using bigger sections of hair, your small curls will create extra bouncy waves.

With these tips, you’ll be ready to go out with beautiful locks in no time! Hopefully these tips will help you hone your inner beach babe, no matter where you live – no sand, sunburn or tan line necessary.

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