Entity discusses keynote speaker Alyson Stoner

Okay fine, I’m a little biased.

But Alyson Stoner, though she didn’t know me, has been a part of my childhood ever since I was six years old. With starring roles in “Mike’s Super Short Show,” “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Camp Rock,” she gave hope to my precious awkward soul that white girls really could dance.

But in addition to her success on the Disney Channel, she has created nuanced, insightful projects in past few years.

She partnered with IPourOut.org to help create a one-year program that paid for 149 women to educate themselves on starting businesses, a program that is on track to have 1,000 women go through the training.

In addition to her philanthropic work, she recently released a music video for her song “Who Do You Love” that can be viewed in three different interpretations with red and blue 3D glasses.

But enough bragging about Alyson Stoner (for now)…let’s talk about the knowledge bombs she dropped at Entity’s 2018 Love Yourself Summit.

Alyson Stoner spoke candidly about struggles with anxiety, an honesty that was refreshing in a city where people basically pretend to be okay all day.

“Every time I go on stage, I’m close to blacking out.”

Alyson (we spoke for about ten minutes at the event, so naturally we’re on first-name basis now) revealed this information during a Q&A session with Entity founder Jennifer Schwab. Now this definitely made me shift in my seat. How is she talking about her anxiety so freely? I don’t even think my aunts know I’m anxious.

However, she did not stop there. She went on to talk about the techniques that help her de-stress, none of which I had seriously considered until she attested to their effectiveness.

“Meditation is really helpful. Journaling…I write sometimes fifty pages. I just have to get it out.”

I had heard about these methods before, but I almost never take either one seriously in terms of their long-term benefits. But hearing a testimony to their usefulness made me rethink my opinion.

In the midst of my ponderings, Alyson soldiered on:

“I do have a therapist. I think it’s great to have a mentor, someone you can trust, that you can talk to.”

I couldn’t believe it; a celebrity being honest about therapy! I always thought Paparazzi had to dig around in famous peoples’ recycle bins long enough to find a psychiatrist bill, but she was bringing that part of her life out of obscurity.

Despite the extra attention on her, and despite the business she’s in, she let nothing stop her from asking for help.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. To hear more Alyson Stoner wisdom, click here to hear about her incredible experience working with IPourOut.org.






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