Strap on your pointe shoes ladies – the elegant dance style is trending on the runway this season.

From ballet flats to Carrie Bradshaw’s famous tutu dress, ballet has influenced fashion for decades. This year’s designers have not strayed from the popular style, with beadwork and full skirts.

In the video above, The New York Times Style Magazine’s Charlotte di Caraci notes that this trend of looking to ballerinas for artistic inspiration began with painters who focused on the refined femininity of the dancers. Specifically, Valentino featured dresses that looks reminiscent of dancers during rehearsal. “This season’s designers, however, seem just as taken with the ballerina’s relentless daily grind,” Caraci said. “The look, while ultra feminine, smoldered with strength beneath the seemingly ethereal surface.”

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ENTITY is thrilled with this season’s focus on the hard work of the inspirational women. Ballerina dancers – such as Theresa Farrell – are both fierce and elegant. Their style is an inspiration for #WomenThatDo on and off the runway stage.

Want to transform your own wardrobe with some ballerina-inspired pieces? Here are ENTITY’s top five fashion tips!

1 Buy the basics.

If you want to become the fashionable belle of the ball, start by loading your closet with the basic ballerina necessities. Not sure where to start? Glamour Magazine suggests having some of the following on-hand: classic sneakers, tights, a pleated skirt (bonus points if it’s light pink color!), a gray sweatshirt, a neutral-colored leotard and a gauzy dress.

Basically, when you go shopping, you should look for items that are girly yet casual, boast neutral and pastel colors (like nude, dusky pink and soft gray), can be easily mixed and matched and give off a sweet but sassy vibe.

2 Learn to love layering.

Have a glam pink tulle dress that would be far too sheer to wear in winter weather? Transform your simple dress by layering it under a crewneck sweater or an oversized coat. If you want to emphasize the feminine curves of the dress, finish off your look with high heels or slender boots. If you want something a little edgier, rock some chunky black boots instead.

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Tights are another secret weapon for a ballerina-inspired fashionista. Match delicate dresses, skirts or shorts with bold black tights for a contrast that will catch everyone’s eye. On the other hand, no ballerina can go wrong with pink tights – especially paired with a leather motorcycle jacket! You can even experiment with patterned or ripped tights for a quirky touch.

3 Style from your head to your toes.

If you’ve ever seen a ballet, you know that ballerinas need to perform from head to toe. Your look should do the same, starting with your hair. Sticking to the ballerina theme, you can rock a classic high ballet bun (using the tutorial video shown here). Not only will this style keep your hair out of your face, but it can add an element of elegance to any outfit.

Shoes are equally important. You can follow in ballerinas’ footsteps and rock some traditional ballet flats. As Liberty Belle Mag shows, however, there are various ballerina-inspired styles shoe-lovers can choose from. Want a bit of extra height? Try suede ballerina shoes with a chunky heel. Craving a more understated look? Go with clean black flats with a bit of mesh detail on the edges.

4 Know the devil (wears Prada) is in the details.

So you’ve got your main pieces – the dress, the shoes, the hair – all lined up. But what final touches will make your professional ballerinas envy your style? If you want to rock a look worthy of “The Devil Wears Prada,” remember that the devil is in the details. Add a bit of flash by rocking a pair of bold, sparkly earrings or a silver charm necklace featuring ballet shoes.

You can’t forget about your makeup, either. Embrace pink and nude shades, with Buzzfeed suggesting products like L’Oreal’s Nude Ballet lipstick, Covergirl’s Ballet Twist lip liner, Essie’s Ballet Slippers nail polish and Bobbi Brown’s Ballet Pink eye shadow.

5 Experiment with a stylish pirouette for every occasion.

Whether you’re working in the office or enjoying a Friday night out with the girls, you can still rock a ballerina-inspired look. For a fancy party, wear sophisticated pieces like a flowy maxi dress or heels with ribbons tied around the ankles for a ballerina touch.

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If you need a more professional look, try a delicate blouse with a floaty hem. Paired with sleek dress pants, this elegant shirt adds some movement to your typical office outfit. You should also experiment with a lacy chiffon top or a long tulle skirt in a neutral or muted color, advises Bustle. Who says you can’t be a businesswoman and a ballerina at the same time?

Although ballet-inspired fashion is nothing new, this is one trend that is as timeless as it is elegant. Not only can you look feminine, but you can kick butt while you do. When you earn a round of applause, though, just don’t forget to thank the ballerinas that inspired your sassy, sophisticated style!

Edited by Sara Butler

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