We should all be feminists Dior shirt

If you had $710 to blow what would you buy? A trip to NYC? A new laptop? Well Dior thinks you should buy a T-shirt which reads “We should all be feminists”, which is is selling for exactly $710.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a cute shirt with a great message. In fact, when Dior debuted the shirt during Fashion Week last fall people went nuts. Not only was it a bold statement for female empowerment, but it was a design from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first collection for Dior. And Chiuri, if you didn’t know, is the design house’s first female creative director. In other words, yay women.

Rihanna wears Dior feminist t shirt

The Dior shirt as seen on Rihanna (left) and during Fashion Week (right)

In fact the shirt made such a splash it has since been seen on Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman. All of whom were praised for wearing it.

Then on March 14, a limited edition black version of the shirt, with white letters (whoa!), became available through Saks Fifth Avenue — also for $710. A percentage of the sales for both shirts will be donated to the Clara Lionel Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Rihanna.

On the surface this all seems grand: A strong shirt. A female design director. Celebrity endorsements. A charity. IT’S GOT EVERYTHING!!!!!

Well, everything except women.  As in actual women who can actually afford this shirt.  As social media users have already pointed out, this shirt is less about empowerment and more about exclusion.

Twitter users are angry at Dior for selling a feminist tshirt for $710

I get it, Dior is an expensive brand. But perhaps, in this case — if Dior really wanted to make a statement — they could have lowered the price a *teeny, tiny, bit* and made it more accessible to all women.

Otherwise, it seems like Dior is trying to capitalize on feminism rather than actually promote it. And God knows companies wouldn’t do that right?

“But what about the charity donation?” You ask. “Isn’t that what this is allll about.”  Well, not really. Dior is only donating a “portion” of the money, and it’s unclear if that means one percent or 10 percent or some other number. And as others have pointed out, you could actually do more for women by buying a regular priced T-shirt for $15 on Etsy and then donating $695 to charity.

Not to mention a $710 shirt doesn’t exactly speak to the portions of the country which hate feminism and view women who support it as whiny, entitled elitists.

That said, there are clearly women out there who can afford this shirt and want to buy it. As of today the white version has already sold out in all sizes online. Meanwhile the black version sold out in size small (of course). And good for those women who bought it. I am by no means saying don’t buy this shirt if you can afford it. In fact you should be able to spend your hard-earned money on whatever you want. My beef is with Dior, not you and your incredible financial skills.

As for me, I think I’ll keep my $710 because I have like rent and stuff.

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