Entity advises on how to cultivate your own look.

Finding your personal style isn’t just about dropping jaws and catching eyes – it’s about exuding a killer self-confidence … the type that quickly becomes the most worn piece in your wardrobe.

Every woman must keep her unique taste and lifestyle in mind when deciding what to flaunt on that flawless frame. Developing your individual look doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient and firm through the style process. Here’s our ENTITY guide on how to master your own fashion-savvy look.

1 Hunt for inspiration.

Flashes of ingenuity come from everywhere, so brush up on magazine spreads, street style, runway looks, indie films, fashion icons, Instagram model feeds … you get the idea. Mix and match the pieces of inspiration you find to hone in on a look that’s all your own. Then document your vision. Try Polaroids, mirror selfies, journal sketches, Pinterest boards or the Notes App on your iPhone for a reliable reference point.

2 Soul-search a style.

Try some serious introspection (no yoga required). Ask a simple question: Who are you, right now? While it may be tempting to try out an obscure look, don’t invest in a style that doesn’t fit your personality or lifestyle.  Be honest with yourself about who you are, where you live and what you like. Armed with a sincere self-image, fashion decisions will become easier to make every time you enter a mall or thrift store.

3 Peek (and purge) that closet.

Ladies, it’s time for some spring cleanin’! Check out your wardrobe and decide what to keep, donate or toss. Streamline your rack to find any holes that need to be filled or mistakes that need to be avoided in your new wardrobe. Although it may be hard to part with some of those rip-knee jeans or high-low dresses, a heavyweight cleanse is necessary to align your wardrobe with your new tailored vision.

4 Build some basics.

Browse stores and pick wisely. Know which key items you’ll need to construct your desired look. For classic pieces, opt to invest. Dropping that cash on a perfect pair of jeans you’ll wear every day makes more sense (and cents if you calculate the pay-per-wear) than having to buy multiple pairs of jeans every time the cheap ones wear thin. To avoid disaster, clutch your wallet tighter when tempted with trendy one-season wonders.

5 Spin it, sista.

If possible, avoid the mall – the eye-catching displays are plagued with common purchases and impulse buys. Try vintage,  online or thrift shopping for quirky finds that will cultivate your own signature look. Maybe even dig into mom and dad’s closet to rock a retro vibe (or ask your grandparents if you’re feeling really retro). Don off-the-rack threads for a distinctive look that’s all you, baby.

6 Fit your style.

This step is crucial for both your body and personal look. While no fashionista should be suppressed from wearing certain trends, clothes that flatter your shape will make you feel effortlessly chic. Also make sure that each new item you bring in matches your craved image. If you get lost, steer back to the first step and start all over again. As you personally change, allow your style to grow and evolve.

ENTITY is with you all the way!

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