Entity has you covered with a global warming style guide.

Let’s face it: I’m hot. And I don’t mean figuratively … I mean literally. As in three layers of deodorant hot. And if Donald Trump was asked to comment on mother nature, he’d surely call her one “nasty woman.”

Southern California weather has hit record temperatures and, according to LA Weekly, there’s no sign of it cooling down in the foreseeable future. Those chunky sweaters and sleek trench coats need to stay tucked away in your closet a little longer. But what’s a girl to do when she wants to keep up with the fall trends without sweating uncomfortably under multiple layers? Here are my top five must-haves for keeping cool (and looking cool) in this steamy fall weather.

1 Slip on a Mule.

You’ve been eyeing those black ankle boots in your closet for months now. You even have a pair of socks in your top drawer that match (what a miracle)! But if you want to be comfortable during the heat wave, opt for a close-toed mule. These effortlessly chic shoes allow your feet to breathe while still keeping up with fall trends. Just slip them on and go!

2 Accessorize a Lightweight Midi Dress.

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Thick fabrics are your worst nightmare when temperatures start to climb. Try a rayon midi dress in a neutral tone. To complete the look, throw on some white converse and grab a patterned clutch. If you’re feeling edgy, drape a leather jacket over your shoulders. (I repeat, drape.)

3 Reach for a Hair Tie.

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Hair retains a lot of heat. Keep cool with a cute up-do. Try a slicked back ponytail with a center part à la Bella Hadid. Or go for an intentional messy bun.

4 Tuck in an Oversized Button-Down.

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Your dad’s shirt, but cuter. An oversized button-down will allow your body to breathe without fabric clinging uncomfortably to your skin. Tuck the top into an a-line denim skirt or your favorite high-waisted Levis. (But note: In this weather, high-waisted Levis might be off limits as well.) If you are in need of some oversized apparel inspiration, check out Yan Yan Chan’s Instagram account.

5 Feel The Breeze in a Wrap Skirt.

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Are you impatiently waiting for the day when you can start layering? Me too. In the meantime, go for a wrap skirt. It pairs beautifully with a plain tee and stiletto pumps. The best part – you can catch some relief  from the unrelenting heat with an occasional breeze.

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