Entity has some tips on how to wear your turtleneck.

If you don’t live under a rock, then you’ve probably noticed that the ’90s are back! From your Instagram feed to your favorite fashion bloggers to the pages of your favorite grocery store magazine – everywhere we look chokers and platform tennis shoes are giving us serious nostalgia and OOTD envy.

One trend we are loving to see back again? The turtleneck. You heard that right. All of your #tbt dreams have come true.

A long-standing staple in the closet of our favorite movie stars and intellectual CEOs, the turtleneck made its debut on the fashion scene in the ’60s when Brigitte Bardot turned the world on its head in a black turtleneck.

Sultry and sophisticated, Bardot sparked a revolution that Audrey Hepburn fueled when she showed the world the classy and timeless side of the piece. Together these two fashion icons established a trend that would be followed by everyone from celebs like Marilyn Monroe to Diane Keaton to Steve Jobs to Cher Horowitz to even your mom!

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The number one rule to remember when styling a turtleneck? Less is more. You want the focus of your outfit to be the silhouette; a turtleneck is truly about the clothes, not about the accessories. Taking cues from stars like Olivia Palermo, Selena Gomez, Kate Bosworth, Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham, here are some of ENTITYs tips on styling the perfect turtleneck.

1 Tight turtleneck? Tuck it in, tuck it in!

Take it from Gigi: Tight turtlenecks always get tucked. Tucking a form-fitting turtleneck into your favorite pair of skinny jeans or the skirt of your choice creates an effortless chic office-to-drinks outfit. This look follows the natural lines of your body without any awkward clinging or over-stretching. A tucked in turtleneck flatters curves of all shapes and sizes and highlights your natural waistline – two pluses when it can be easy to feel frumpy under all those fall and winter layers.

A good color scheme to stick to when buying tight turtlenecks? Black or stripes. The smaller the stripe the better and always choose horizontal lines.

2 Loose turtleneck? Let it all hang out!

Tucking in a loose turtleneck sweater can be the nightmare of any budding fashionista, so if you find the perfect flowy turtleneck sweater, let it all hang out! We promise you won’t look like you’re wearing a sack. When styling your new favorite winter t-neck, remember that balance is key. A lot of sweater on top is fine if you balance it with form-fitting bottoms.

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For an inspired functional and flattering look, pair your favorite turtleneck with skinny jeans and boots or a fitted pencil skirt and pumps like our two favorite celeb style favorites Cara and Victoria. If you want to create some dimension in an outfit, you can tuck the front of the turtleneck into jeans, but try to remember that looser turtlenecks are about less structure and more about effortless chic.

3 Layering? Under rather than over.

Layers are a girl’s winter best friend and turtlenecks layered underneath our favorite winter accessories are our new favorite thing. Change it up and layer over your turtleneck for an outfit that your friends won’t stop complimenting. We know that the entire reason you bought the t-neck is to keep you warm so follow Olivia’s example and add your favorite turtleneck underneath your go-to winter poncho or button up and you will be comfy and chic all winter long! Not only does this style tip add more layers to keep out the chill, but it will also make your cute summer tunics and dresses more useful through multiple seasons. If you decide to layer over your turtleneck, a great coat is really all you need!

4 Accessories are optional

One of the best reasons to invest in the turtleneck of your dreams? Accessories are not required. Possibly the best feature of owning a turtleneck are the easy styling benefits. Turtlenecks are stylish and chic enough on their own that a necklace or earrings are completely irrelevant. Your focus should always be on the fabrics and fits of the clothes themselves. Mix patterns and textures and be sure to wear a bright lipstick. These are the ways you accessorize a t-neck with class and originality, no jewels or baubles required.

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5 The most important rule of turtleneck style: Have fun!

Play around and take chances with your turtleneck. A lot of how we dress has to do with how confident we feel, and only you know what works on your body and in your wardrobe. Try new things and take risks. The turtleneck is your “get out of winter drab for free” card, so see if you can channel the confidence and class of your inner Brigitte or Audrey. If you love the way an outfit looks, chances are you’ll wear it again. If you hate it or it makes you uncomfortable, it will sit in your closet for months with the tag still on.

We love a good turtleneck styled just right because it captures both femininity and attitude when we walk into a room. Nobody wants to mess with a woman in a turtleneck. She is chic, confident, sure of herself and so trendy you want to follow her immediately on Instagram. The return of the turtleneck last fall was possibly one of the best things to come out of 2015, and as we move back into colder weather and more layers in our daily looks, you can bet we will be reaching for our trusty turtlenecks.

Edited by Ellena Kilgallon

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