Entity shares our favorite inspirational documentaries on Netflix.

With all of the inspirational documentaries out now it may be hard to narrow down your search. To make it easy, look no further than Netflix.

Netflix has a wide selection of motivational documentaries that follow the lives of women and their fight for equality.

Whether they are documentaries on the history of feminism or a woman’s life in the sex industry, it is important to know what is going on around the world to make a difference for all women.

Here’s a list of ENTITY’s favorite inspirational documentaries that help empower and educate women.

1 “Audrie and Daisy”

Entity shares our favorite inspirational documentaries on Netflix.

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This documentary demonstrates the serious ramifications of cyberbullying after the death of two young women. The movie follows what occurs in a rape case as three sexual assault incidents play out on social media, as well as their subsequent court cases and police investigations. 

2 “Miss Representation”

This film explores the media’s portrayal of what a powerful woman looks like. The stereotype we are sold is that a woman is only good for her sexuality. So this documentary explores how advertisements, movies, magazines and TV shows all contribute to disparaging portrayals of women in power. 

The cast includes influential women such as Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Dolly Parton, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Palin and more. 

3 “Hot Girls Wanted”

Entity shares our favorite inspirational documentaries on Netflix.

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“Hot Girls Wanted” follows the lives of several teen porn stars who entered into the industry by their own free will. The documentary shows how the internet is making it easier to make porn and get into the porn industry. 

4 “The Hunting Ground”

Sexual assault is a huge, relevant problem in today’s world, and this documentary focuses on the way many college administrations deal with these incidents — or don’t in most cases. The movie discusses the way college institutions cover up rapes and the toll that that takes on the victims and their families. 

5 “Lockup: Women Behind Bars”

ENTITY reports inspirational documentaries on Netflix.

Here’s one of the most harrowing, yet inspirational documentaries on Netflix focusing on female inmates of prisons in America and the challenges they face serving time. There is only one season out on Netflix so far, but you can watch similar shows such as, “Lockup: Maximum Security” and “Lockup: First Timers.” 

6 “Natascha Kampusch”

This documentary shows a woman who was abducted at the age of ten and held in a cellar for eight years by her kidnapper. She discusses how she wanted to end her life and gives the disturbing details of how she was beaten and forced to perform “mild sexual assaults.” Her kidnapper also starved her and made her perform household tasks semi-naked.

 She is now a spokesperson for PETA after living through the nightmare of abuse. 

7 “Escorts”

“Escorts” follows the lives of two call girls who operate through the internet. This documentary is different from other ones regarding the sex industry because it gives us insight into the effects it has on their personal and family life. 

8 “A Ballerina’s Tale”

ENTITY reports inspirational documentaries on Netflix.

This story follows Misty Copeland, the first African American ballerina at the American Ballet Theater. The inspirational figure has acquired an endorsement deal with Under Armour, appeared on “So You Think You Can Dance?” graced the cover of Time Magazine and wrote a book inspiring others to follow their passion and accomplish their dreams in spite of obstacles that stand in their way. 

Netflix’s wide range of documentaries about women and women empowerment makes us hopeful for the future of gender equality. We can all grow together if we listen to each other and allow ourselves to be inspired and educated by each other’s stories and experiences.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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