Entity teaches women to press and iron their shirts.

Looking the part is necessary for a great first impression, and as we all know, first impressions in business are everything. Showing up looking tailored and professional is one of the first steps to nailing an interview, a meeting or a potential deal. A crisp shirt that is void of wrinkles is a must for every businesswoman. It shows your awareness of the importance of details. Luckily, with an iron and an ironing board, getting your shirt or blouse ready for the day is an easy, at-home task. Here is how to get that shirt wrinkle-free.

1 Check the labels of your clothing. Is it dry clean only?

Always check the labels of your clothes to make sure you are properly cleaning and maintaining them. If the label says “DRY CLEAN ONLY,” it is always best to stick to that method and to skip the at-home cleaning and ironing.

2 Invest in a good iron.

After you check your label and are good to go, it’s time to make sure you have a quality iron on hand. Believe it or not, cheaper irons can ruin your shirts! Avoiding irons under $20 is key for every stylish woman. With uneven heat distribution, cheaper irons won’t get in there to iron your shirt properly. The best irons go up to 1800 watts and have 300 plus holes. Look for an iron that has high heat capability! High heat capability will give you a better and quicker ironing experience. As far as the ironing board goes, any brand works as long as it is sturdy.

3 Spray Starch.

Spray starch is an added step that will have your shirt looking extra spry, not to mention smelling clean and fresh! However, proceed with caution because spraying too much can make your shirt feel like plastic.

4 The sleeves can be tricky.

Investing in a sleeve board might be best if you have a lot of long-sleeved shirts. Sleeve boards help organize your sleeves in relation to the rest of your shirt so that your iron can truly get them wrinkle free!

5 If your shirt has cuffs, don t forget to open them.

This is something many women don’t think to do. Opening your cuffs not only gets the cuffs looking perfect, it helps out with the overall ironing of the sleeves as well. Pay attention to detail here because cuffs are known as being the most prone to dirt. Make sure your cuffs are clean before you begin ironing!

6 Lay the collar out flat.

Laying the collar out flat allows you to get to all the nooks and crannies of your collar. Don’t forget to iron both the inside and the outside!

7 Hang immediately after ironing!

Once you are done and your shirt is looking perfect and crisp, hang it immediately! This helps maintain all the work you just did and ensures your shirt stays wrinkle free before you’re ready to wear it.

8 There are always the dry cleaners

Ironing not your thing? Drop all your stuff off at the dry cleaners! Have everything pressed nicely for you and pop it back into your closet. However, for the busy working woman with last minute emergency wrinkles, having an iron on hand can be a real life saver.

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