Planning the proper airplane outfit is crucial to making your travel experience a more pleasurable one. Realistically speaking, nobody wants to be squished inside a metal tube, soaring thousands of feet through the sky and sitting for hours at a time in an uncomfortable – although photo-ready – outfit. Just imagine being stuck on a plane for 15 hours and instead of resting, you’re squirming because your pants are too tight or because your dress isn’t warm enough.

However, that burning desire to look fabulous on a plane is understandable. After all, whatever outfit you wear will be the first outfit photographed at your destination so we have to dress to impress, right? It definitely takes a special kind of woman to stay classy and elegant right after a long flight.

But if you’re not quite there yet and you’re still struggling as you drag your body and carry-on bags through the terminal to freedom, here are some tips to be both glamorous and comfortable through the whole plane ride.

1 Dress warm.

Most long flights provide you with small blankets, but we recommend dressing warm just in case you don’t get one. Turtlenecks are incredibly in-style at the moment and they’re the perfect way to keep your neck warm and supported with comfortable, soft goodness.

You can wear a turtleneck sweater in a classic black color or even in a bold red to make a statement. If you don’t own any turtlenecks, bust out one of your scarves to fashionably drape around your neck. Oversized scarves can also be used as makeshift blankets on a plane if you need to keep other parts of your body warm.

2 Wear slip-on or zippered shoes.

Some airports require passengers to take off their shoes before walking through the metal detector. In order to avoid being that person who holds up the line, pick cute shoes you can efficiently take off and put on. You can go as casual as your rainbow flip-flips or your Birkenstock sandals or you can dress-up your outfit with slip-on chunky heels.

Also, if your feet get cold, you can wear zippered booties for your next trip. Other possible shoes are loafers, flats and sandals. Basically, just avoid anything with laces!

3 Sport a wide-brimmed hat.

Floppy hats and fedoras are not only cute and classy, but they also help hide unkempt travel hair. As an accessory, hats polish any outfit. So sweep your tangled hair to the side and cover it with your favorite hat for an easy but stylish look.

4 Sunglasses protect your eyes, ladies!

Sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes from harmful UV rays; they also hide tired, sleepless eyes. Wear your favorite pair with a cute fedora and you’ve already achieved a mysterious, I’m-feeling-like-a-celebrity look.

5 Opt for loose or stretchy clothing.

Loose clothing is the go-to, sure-fire way to stay comfortable during a long flight. Shift dresses, for example, are breathable and essentially feel like pajamas for your overnight plane ride. Maxi dresses are also great because they’re often loose and long enough to drape over your legs like a blanket. They require very little effort and they prevent that squirming that comes with tight clothing.

If you don’t want to wear a dress on a plane, you can instead wear leggings and a free-flowing top.

6 Wear a cardigan.

If you’re not a scarf type of gal or if you just need the extra warmth, cardigans are your best bet. Cardigans fall under the “loose clothing” category and they can add to a plain outfit. If you’d like to add your own little flair to your outfit, wear a printed cardigan that matches your personality. Or if you’re trying to go for a classier, more “I mean business” type of look, then try a neutral, long-line cardigan.

7 Bring a shoulder handbag, backpacks or crossbody bags.

Basically, you want to make your carry-on luggage life as simple as it can be. As nice as it would be to have a small suitcase, that may not be the most efficient. If your flight isn’t long and doesn’t call for a suitcase, then we suggest having a small bag you can carry on your body.

Crossbody bags are great because they’re cute and allow immediate access to important items such as your passport, debit card and lip balm.

There are plenty of ways make your next plane ride less excruciating without sacrificing your style. With these tips, you can now proudly (and energetically) strut your stuff on that moving sidewalk like it’s your personal runway.

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