Entity talks about why women should opt for androgynous clothing in the work place.

Women are crushing gender stereotypes and killing it in the workplace. But surrounded by a business model that favors males, women wearing androgynous clothes are faced with a tricky dilemma. Does dressing like the boys even the playing field between genders? Or do masculine trends stifle the creativity of women?

As gender-neutral fashion fills the runways, androgyny is also trending in academia. Researchers have coined the term “androgynous leader,” which has turned into a hot conversation topic around the academic water cooler. Explored in the article “Management of Gender Roles: Marketing the Androgynous Leadership Style,” an androgynous management strategy encourages workers to embrace both feminine and masculine traits in the workplace. This balance proved to work best when applied to an array of situations along the office (and gender) spectrum.

Women should consider adopting a gender-neutral approach to their leadership styles – and their wardrobe trends. Androgynous fashion furthers the efforts of working women by giving us the freedom to throw on some clothes to throw down at the office or craft a blended look that’s uniquely ours.

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Here are three reasons why women should consider adopting some gender-neutral trends into their workplace wardrobe.

1 More options.

Incorporating androgynous fashion trends into your wardrobe gives you twice as many options to choose from. This gives you the freedom to streamline your routine or play around with endless opportunities. While you may think masculine clothes threaten to restrict your freedom, additional options actually encourage creativity.

Jenny McClary, co-founder of fashion brand VEER NYC, told Thought Catalog, “I think it is important to offer options for people who want to present themselves physically without gender specifications.” Remember that androgynous fashion doesn’t limit you to men’s threads; just like the leadership style, the fashion trend blends elements of both. So feel free to pair those trousers with heels!

2 More comfort.

Androgynous fashion allows you to be physically and emotionally comfortable in the workplace. Dress in clothes that fit your body type – and your gender identity. This trend encompasses a wide range of sizes and styles for ultimate peace in the office to decrease distractions and increase #girlpower. Plus, it’ll also help keep you in control of workplace interactions.

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In addition, The Balance says that being comfortable can help you during interviews. “If you’ve never felt comfortable in a dress, you shouldn’t force yourself to wear one to an interview. Confidence is key during an interview, and it’s hard to be confident when you’re feeling uncomfortable in your clothing.”

3 More equality.

Ultimately, embracing androgynous fashion encourages equality. With the blurring of gender roles and expectations in the workplace, women are getting a leg up without having to reveal our calves. The androgyny trend allows us to wear masculine or feminine clothing from nine to five – no strings (or threads) attached.

“You probably wouldn’t want to work at a company that would pressure you to dress in a way that’s at odds with your identity, so in the long-run it’s best to wear clothing that reflects you as an individual,” says The Balance.

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And although androgynous fashion offers awesome options for workplace attire, women can wear whatever they want and still get things done.

Edited by Ellena Kilgallon

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