Entity shares what you need to do to increase your brain power.

Your brain is your best friend. I mean, it is the reason you’re able to function on a daily basis. So why aren’t we taking care of it like we should? Here are five ways to increase your brain power.

Drop your creature of habit syndrome

You wake up, go to work, eat the same thing for lunch everyday, and then go home, make dinner, and sleep. Your life has become a routine. It’s time to kick creature of habit syndrome to the curb. There’s a cooking class offered near where you live that you always wanted to take? Go sign up. You want to start running again? Lace up your shoes. What’s holding you back? Only you, so break out of the confines of your daily schedule, and try something new!

Stop multi-tasking

Seriously, stop. It’s bad for you. When you try to do too much or make too many decisions, your prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain responsible for planning and personality development, starts to shut down. Yes, an entire part of your brain SHUTS DOWN! You start making mistakes and poor decisions. Instead of responding to three emails, while also talking to someone standing in front of you, focus on one task at a time. You’ll see better results because your brain, your greatest ally, will be completely devoted to the task at hand.

Know your limits

If you feel your focus pulling, don’t push through. Your work, and your brain, will suffer. Allow yourself a five-minute break; take a short walk, eat a healthy snack, breathe in lemon essential oils. Not only will you break up the monotony of your day, but you’ll allow yourself a short recharge of desperately needed energy to get your brain back in gear.

Drink more water

Most Americans are chronically dehydrated, and this slows your brain function. Think of yourself as a plant. Too many of us know that when you don’t water a plant, it dies. Don’t let that happen to yourself. Hydrate. You are a plant and you need water. If you don’t like drinking water, spruce it up with a hint of mint, lemon, or orange.

Believe in yourself

We all have doubts about ourselves or doubt that we are able to accomplish what we want. But these fears are holding you back from reaching your full potential. You know that typically male pose of a guy with their chair kicked back, feet up on the desk, hands behind their head? Yes, that one. You need to do that! Your posture reflects your self-confidence. If that pose is a too much for you, then try standing in a Supergirl pose. Put your hands on your hips, with your elbows out, and stand with your feet spread apart. Do this for two minutes, and you will boost your confidence and ease your doubts.

Stop holding yourself back, and put your immense brainpower to use.

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