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Applying for a job these days via a resume submission feels a lot like tossing a bottle into the ocean. You have no idea where it will land or when it will come back to you.

The truth is, the job market for entry-level candidates is tough. When employers post a job opportunity they often get thousands of resumes — yes thousands — for one available position.  So how can you stand out from the crowd? We have three tips that will help you rise to the top!

Tip #1: Find a direct contact

Simply submitting a resume no longer cuts it anymore. Emails get missed, resumes blend together, and screeners (the people reading your resume) simply want to find a candidate and move on. There’s never a guarantee they’ll look at or even open every resume they see.

One way to get around this problem is to find a direct contact. Do a little research about the company and find out who you’ll be working for or at least someone in that department. Once you’ve identified a name head over to LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google Search to see if you can locate an email address. Apps and extensions like Contact Out can help you find email addresses if you get stuck.

A direct email to the person who will make the hiring decision can increase your chance of being seen. Warning though: Don’t spam the person with multiple emails. One email and one “just looping back” note is enough. After that, cut yourself off.

Tip #2: Design Your Resume Like A Pro

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Resumes are boring — and looking at resumes can be equally boring. One way to stand out is to design your resume with creativity in mind. Software tools like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop allow you to design beautiful resumes that aren’t just another white piece of paper.

Not only that, the design of your resume is an easy way to show off your skills. Many entry-level jobs today require digital and creative chops. Whether it’s marketing, social media management, PR, web design, or communications jobs, graphic design skills are a plus. If you blow employers away with a well-crafted, creatively designed resume imagine what you could do with their product.

Tip #3: Beef Up Your Digital Skill Set

Adobe XD Entity Student

An ENTITY mentee works on Adobe XD.

The companies hiring entry-level candidates are often startups looking for scrappy go-getters who can do anything. This is because start-ups often have to pivot to respond to the marketplace. They may hire you to manage their social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook, but quickly realize their audience is on YouTube or Twitch. Which is why employers like to hire newcomers with multiple skill sets, just in case they have to switch their role four months in.

Learning UX design on programs such as Adobe XD (which helps you build prototypes for mobile apps and websites) or video editing on Adobe Premiere or graphic design on Adobe Spark and Illustrator will make you a more versatile and attractive candidate.

Don’t know where to start? You can take free classes online from Adobe.  Or attend ENTITY’s in-house digital storytelling academy. Then practice your new skills, add them to your resume and watch the interviews roll in.

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