ENTITY reports on being an introvert

Introverts learn a lot while they lurk in the shadows. People don’t notice us because we tend to stay quiet but, as we’re listening, we’re gathering invaluable information.

So while a lot of people hate the idea of being an introvert, it’s actually extremely useful. Being an introvert doesn’t make you boring or lame. Yes, it’s harder to meet people and socialize but who doesn’t have a hard time socializing? Making friends is terrifying.

More importantly, as an introvert, you get to spend more time with yourself. You have more time for self-reflection. Once you get to your 20s, you compiled two decades worth of knowledge.

So, here’s everything you learn in your 20s as an introvert.

1 The little things in life matter most.

ENTITY reports on being an introvert

If you’re an introvert, chances are pay attention to small details. You’ve also learned that these small details are what makes life worth living. It might be the way the sun feels on your skin in the summer or the beauty of flowers. But this realization makes life easier when you can’t handle the big problems. Life is hard but focusing on the small things that make life great just makes everything a lot simpler.

2 It’s better to choose your friends carefully.

As an introvert, socializing is incredibly difficult. You’re afraid of approaching new people because you’re not sure how they’re going to react. The idea of trying to ask someone new to hangout is truly a nightmare. So, when you make a new friend, then that friend means everything to you. You’ve learned that quality is more important than quantity. You would rather have a few really good friends than a huge group of friends you can’t rely on. You enjoy spending quality time with people you can trust so not having a close relationship with people isn’t going to cut it out for you.

3 Self-awareness is important.

ENTITY reports on being an introvert

Introverts are OK with spending time alone. If anything, they prefer it. And this time alone gives them a lot of time to find themselves. Through this self-reflection, you’ve learned to understand all your flaws, imperfections, uniqueness and overall personality. So you go through life knowing how your actions affect other people and you take responsibility for your actions.

4 It’s okay to spend the time to invest in yourself.

Since you’re not constantly going out with friends or partying, you’ve spent more time perfecting new skills and hobbies. You’ve dedicated the effort to make yourself a better person. So while your friends are struggling with trying to figure out their next move in life, you already have the next five years planned out. You’ve already applied to grad school and have ten job interviews next week. You’ve learned what it really means to work hard and succeed.

5 You don’t need to depend on others.

ENTITY reports on being an introvert

You’re very independent. Since you don’t like to go out very often, you’re comfortable with your own company. When people bail on plans, you’re more relieved than angry. Most importantly, you don’t need someone else to make you happy. You’ve gotten this far on your own, you don’t need anyone now. But that’s fine because you’re a strong, independent woman who really doesn’t need anyone to support her.

While some people might hate being an introvert, it’s something to actually embrace. The years of fearing social interaction have made you stronger and smarter.

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