One Entity Academy graduate shares her experiences from the summer program.

I learned so much this summer about myself and about others. Being surrounded by the other mentees allowed me to work with some of the most empowered (and empowering) and motivated women I have ever met.

We all came from such different backgrounds, schools and with different interests, and this has led me to experiencing this summer so much more thoroughly and through such a different lens.

In addition to being surrounded by such amazing, fun and ambitious ladies, I learned so much from the women who were a part of the speaker series. It was so interesting to hear from so many professions and people who work in such different fields.

Each speaker shed new light on professions I knew nothing about, and they opened my eyes to potential fields I could work in. Even more so, each speaker brought some key points of advice that I will definitely take with me into whatever place, career and life I choose to lead. Here are a few snippets of advice that especially stuck with me…

“Look up from your phone.”

Alessandra Conti, founder of Matchmakers in the City, came and spoke to us about the current dating landscape of millennials, especially in LA. As a professional matchmaker, she talked about how women can optimize their chances of meeting “the one,” especially in organic public settings.

One of her tips to meet your match is to look up from you phone. Not only is this helpful when you are trying to meet a significant other, but it is a better way to live your life. If you’re going through your life staring at a screen, you are missing out on all sorts of opportunities.

Meeting people leads to connections and connections lead to networking. So many people think that meeting in person is impossible, but the first step to making this more probable is removing your eyes from your phone. This is important for so many reasons. Take in the world around you and be approachable.

“Compassion is not only the awareness that there is suffering in the world, but it is the willingness to do something about it.”

Richard Matthew, a professor from UCI in Urban Planning and Public Policy and Political Science, came to speak to us about the environment, conflict and peace building and international ethics. But he especially talked about compassion and how this is a stepping stone to action.

His definition of compassion was the awareness of suffering around you and the willingness to do something about it. Understanding this definition is imperative to understanding our role in society and what it takes to help other people.

“Pick and choose your battles.”

Courtney Keating, a marketing executive at CoreLogic, came to speak to us about her experience in corporate America. When she was asked about adversities she faced as a women in the work place, she told us to choose our battles.

You should never have to stand for people disrespecting you or being treated unfairly, but if you’re going to take a stand for something, make sure it is something you are passionate about and make sure you are willing to do what is necessary for this cause.

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