ENTITY reports on easy halloween costumes

We all know the struggle of putting together a last-minute Halloween costume.

Sometimes your plans of sitting at home, eating candy and watching horror movies are interrupted by your friends forcing you to go to a costume party.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven easy Halloween costumes you can make with a bit of cash and ten minutes.

1 With some sweats, you can make an easy Halloween costume for couples.

ENTITY reports on easy halloween costumes

Photo via Instagram/@samanthaashleydesigns

Do you have a pair of grey sweats and black trash bag or an all-black workout outfit? If so, then you have a “Silver Linings Playbook” costume. This can be a couples outfit or you can go alone as either Tiffany or Pat.

Besides, this also just looks like a super comfortable costume, minus the trash bag. (Win!)

2 You can also make an easy character costume.

ENTITY reports on easy halloween costumes

Photo via Instagram/@celline.campbell

This outfit requires a black eyeliner pencil and a dress. The beauty of Tim Burton’s animated movies is that you can recreate the character costumes with a little bit of makeup.

You can draw on a Sally face paired with the dress that’s been sitting in the back of your closet or even a Jack face paired with the suit you wore to your high school graduation.

Either way, you can rock this spooky – yet very cool – costume in a matter of minutes.

3 Feeling feminist? Here’s the ultimate Halloween costume for you.

ENTITY reports on easy halloween costumes

Photo via Instagram/@jt_bliss

If you’re trying to channel your inner boss woman persona, this DIY Rosie the Riveter costume is perfect.

You’ll need a red bandana, a jean jacket and a whole lot of sass for this costume. This minimal effort outfit is comfortable and will remind people not to mess with a woman like you.

4 You can even use an easy dress up idea for your costume.

ENTITY reports on easy halloween costumes

Photo via Instagram/@amyrankine_mua

You know the outfits you wear when you go out with your friends? Well, they can also be used for the perfect “Grease” costume.

A black crop top, black high wasted pants and black pumps can create a fierce Sandy outfit.

Halloween is a chance to be whoever you want to be, especially your favorite characters. This is your chance to get all dressed up without hitting the club.

5 This easy DIY Halloween costume is perfect for the basic girl in you.

ENTITY reports on easy halloween costumes

Photo via Instagram/@somecallmekiki

We all have our inner basic girl persona that comes out every so often. What better time to channel our ultimate basic side than Halloween? It’s definitely a great excuse.

This Instagram user rocks this “basic girl” costume with a pair of Uggs, leggings, a jean jacket, a scarf, beanie, big round glasses and a Starbucks cup.

It’s a hilarious costume, and you get to spend the night in Uggs and leggings.

6 You can also do an easy Halloween costume with your best friend.

ENTITY reports on easy halloween costumes

Photo via Instagram/hmakela

If “Inside Out” is one of your favorite Pixar movies, dressing up as Joy or Sadness might be the best Halloween costume for you. You can pull out a yellow dress from your closet to dress up as Joy or blue pants and a white sweater for Sadness.

The woman in the Instagram picture even improvised by wearing a black skirt and blue tights. You’ll also need a blue wig or blue dye hairspray, but that can be found at your local costume store.

And, of course, once you’ve got the outfit, make sure to drag your BFF around everywhere you go.

7 This easy Halloween costume can be used for adults or kids.

ENTITY reports on easy halloween costumes

Photo via Instagram/@mckenziesuerucker

It doesn’t really get any easier than this. All you need is cardboard paper folded into the Sims diamond with literally anything you can find to attach the paper to your head. This is the ultimate minimal-effort Halloween costume. It’s also still very clever and unique, so you can still impress your friends with your simple DIY look.

Finding a perfect Halloween costume can be stressful and time-consuming. Also, store bought costumes are way too expensive for an outfit you’re going to wear one day out of the year. Luckily, these simple Halloween costumes are cute, clever and perfect for the lazy people out there.

Sounds like our kind of outfit.

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