ENTITY reports on the impact of the Entity Mentorship Program.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be a part of Entity’s Mentorship program this summer where I have grown so much as a woman.

I applied for this program through Entity’s website after seeing it on Indeed and a few other job search sites. I filled out the application thoroughly and had not only one, but three people look at it to make sure it was up to par. I wanted this summer to be my first summer interning so I made it a priority to find an internship that would be perfect for me.

After researching and applying to a number of internships I knew that the Entity program was the one I would thrive at most. When I got the email saying I have been accepted into this program with a full scholarship, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. I called my mom and we both started screaming over the phone.

Getting this opportunity was probably one of the best things that has happened to me, as I got to get my foot in the door to this line of work and got to meet some of the most motivating women. I had an idea of what the program would entail, but I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

Would it be like those internships in the movies where you have to fetch coffee and pick up clothes at the dry cleaners? Would I be pushed to the side when the staff didn’t like my idea? What is the difference between a mentorship and an internship? I had so many questions, but I was PUMPED to start.

After spending 10 weeks at Entity and learning everything from Photoshop to writing SEO articles to editing movies, I believe I am ready for anything that comes my way.

ENTITY reports on the impact of the Entity Mentorship Program.

1 Entity has taught me discipline.

I have never experienced an eight-hour work day until I came to Entity. The first few weeks were definitely challenging as I was not used to waking up at 7 a.m. and being in an office for eight hours a day. Our first few weeks at Entity were concentrated on writing and editing articles which ended up being a lot harder than I thought.

I enjoy writing, but writing three to five articles a day definitely fried my brain. Though it was hard, It taught me discipline. I knew I had to finish these articles if I wanted to go home so I worked hard, researched my topics and wrote the best articles I could.

2 Entity has taught me to be myself.

ENTITY reports on the impact of the Entity Mentorship Program.

I consider myself a creative person with a very playful tone, so to be able to incorporate that into my writing has definitely made its mark on me. I was encouraged by the women around me to let my creativity shine and to not be afraid to take risks.

I was able to display my creativity in not only my writing but in infographics, photoshop and video graphics. I was able to meet so many amazing women by being myself and letting people in. I have a hard time opening up to people, but being with these motivated women for ten weeks has shown me that relationships do not have to be scary.

3 Entity has taught me the importance of giving back.

During our first few days at Entity, we were required to make a personal mission statement. When figuring out what to write I realized that I have a passion for doing good and doing big things for a greater good. Philanthropists such as Susan Rockefeller and Sophie Alpert came in to talk about their contributions to society and that positively inspired me.

It is easy to forget what is happening around us so taking a step back and realizing that there are so many ways to help has been beneficial to me throughout this program. Being a Girl Scout for most of my life and being a part of a school organization that focuses on philanthropy and giving back has shaped what I prioritize. Entity has familiarized me with different charities and causes which has helped me grow into a kind woman.

4 Entity has taught me time management and scheduling.

ENTITY reports on the impact of the Entity Mentorship Program.

I was never a planner until I started my eventful, yet busy journey at Entity. Working 40 hours a week has made time management a necessary thing to learn. I am so used to having my day planned with numerous activities from empowered speakers coming in to speak to going on museum outings to having round table discussions during lunch.

I’ve realized that to get things done and really thrive, it is important to be organized . Learning how to manage my time with Entity, friends and family has helped me grow into a mature young woman.

5 Entity has taught me communication skills.

Being surrounded by so many educated women and meeting other successful women has taught me the importance of communicating with people other than my peers and family. Every day is a new day to communicate and interact with new people and that keeps me on my communication A-game.

We have different personalities in the office and being able to effectively communicate with everyone has been an important lesson. Being a good communicator has also taught me how to be a good leader, which is now one of my best qualities.

ENTITY reports on the impact of the Entity Mentorship Program.

Entity has helped me to grow into a strong, independent woman in the short 10 weeks that I have been here. I have learned more about myself and what I want for my future this summer than I have in my two college education years. Thank you, Entity, for helping me to grow as a woman.

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