One Entity Academy graduate shares a reflection of her experiences in the program.

I attended an all-girls school from kindergarten up until eighth grade. As a middle schooler, I had no experience of working alongside or even interacting with members of the opposite sex.

Being part of the Entity Academy Mentorship Program has been my first experience working in a female-dominated environment since eighth grade. In a way, this program has reminded me of my younger days. The only difference is that I am obviously older and (at least I like to think) more mature.

Working with only women (with the exception of Patrick and Haoran, of course) has been a very fun and interesting experience. It’s pretty rare that an office of any kind would be comprised of only women. That being said, I am very grateful to have had this rare opportunity, and I think that this summer has been especially meaningful because of the fact that Entity is all women.

In my experience, I think it was much easier for all of the mentees to really get to know each other and be honest with one another because of the absence of boys. Also, many of the speakers who came in over the course of the ten week program spoke openly about issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace and tips on how to be a girlboss. I think that the speakers would not have been so open about speaking on these topics if the audience had men in it.

One main takeaway that I got from many of the speakers was that no matter what industry you work in, women will always face judgement, both from men and from other women. After having gone through this program, I now know that in the future I need to learn to let things go, because there will always be people who will judge you in life.

This summer was such an incredible experience working alongside and learning from such interesting and empowering women, all of whom wear many, many hats. I have learned that you don’t need to find just one single job or position to stay in for the rest of your life.

One of the most empowering things I have observed about Entity is how everyone works together and people are always willing to help each other out. Both the full-time staff and the mentees are truly all empowering women, and each and every woman at Entity has taught me how to be a stronger woman myself.

Aside from what I have learned emotionally, I will also take certain skills I have learned at Entity with me into the real world. I can now say that I have experience in social media packaging, which is something I had no prior professional knowledge of. Having skills such as these will make me a more marketable and hirable person as a whole, and for this I am extremely grateful.

I have also learned superior communication skills over the course of Entity Academy. I’ve realized that networking truly is an art that takes time and practice to perfect. I am definitely sad that the summer came to an end so quickly, because these ten weeks have flown by much faster than I could have ever imagined.

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