ENTITY intern staff writer shares experience at ENTITY in her late twenties.

I was staring out my office window on a sunny day in May, wondering what the hell was I about to do. I had just finished reading an email from the Editor in Chief at Entity, which said they’d like for me to be part of their Summer Internship program as Digital Editorial Intern.

Was I really considering this? I’m 28 for goodness sake. Aren’t I little too old to be an intern? Didn’t I already pass the age-mark to pursue my goals? That time is in your early twenties, right? And if that wasn’t the brunt of it, was I really about to ditch a decent income to be an intern?

I emailed her back and said, Yes. I’d do it.

And, I’m so glad I did.

During my time at Entity, I learned something very invaluable. And that is, age doesn’t exist when it comes to being a woman. Although I’m not THAT much older than the group of early-twenty-something-year-olds I worked with, I definitely came in with a feeling that I had the upper hand in maturity. I had this prejudice that most of them were celebrity-obsessed selfie takers, who didn’t care much for others… or for the world around them.

And while there were the occasional office selfies, this group of super intelligent ladies totally proved me wrong. They showed me that women are fascinating, no matter what age they are. That women can work side-by-side with one another, without competing. And when there is competition, this group showed me they believed in something deeper, which was to take the high road and lift each other up.

They showed me that despite us all having our own goals and dreams, deep down, they genuinely want the other to be successful. I can’t explain it, but I felt an unspoken bond between all of us. Like, despite us having completely different backgrounds, we all understood each other.

Which is something I had never experienced before in the working world.

All I can say is, these women are legit. They impressed me so much. They’re smart and mature beyond their years. And I feel like an idiot for even thinking otherwise.


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