ENTITY covers reasons why women really wear makeup. It's not because of men!

Some of us are late bloomers when it comes to wearing makeup. Like me, some relate more to tomboy activities- not wanting to give up their Chucks. Others, on the other hand, relate more to beauty and cosmetic products.

The first time I wore makeup was fun and different. But when my dad first saw me with makeup on  he asked, “Why are you wearing makeup?” That’s when I realized my beauty choices came with questions.

The answer is simple- because I wanted to.

We don’t do it for men.

ENTITY talks about why women really wear makeup.

Women ultimately put on makeup for themselves.

Perhaps on the first date, you would want to look more presentable and attractive, but in reality, wearing makeup is also a form of communication.

In NY Daily News, they state that when we communicate with each other, all the brain receives is 7 percent of the words we say, 38 percent of our verbal tone and 55 percent is non-verbal communication.

All the nonverbal cues are initially evaluated by the subconscious brain. It influences our conscious brain to view those features and how we feel about them.

The mouth and the eyes are the most powerful parts of the face for communication. With makeup, products can help accentuate the facial features, making them more prominent.

In a research, women rated eyeshadow as the number one makeup product that enhances a woman’s facial attractiveness. The color change makes your eyes more prominent and pop.

It puts emphasis on the glow

ENTITY talks about why women really wear makeup.

Women also wear makeup because it helps nourish the skin. Foundation gives your makeup look a more dewy, flawless effect. Reader’s Digest covered different foundations approved by professional estheticians. Some products have ingredients that help purify the skin with antioxidants, hydrolyzed collagen, and most importantly, SPF to protect it from the sun.

It’s a creative process

Makeup can be art. It’s not easy to perfect the winged eyeliner or apply the right eyeshadow color to the crease. Luckily there are tutorials and guidelines for those who can’t seem to get it right. Talented makeup professionals share their passion through applying makeup on other people as their canvases. Not only does it build confidence but it validates their talent.

Makeup artists also like to apply makeup to embrace their skills. With endless practice and cosmetic schooling, they want to see their hard work come to life.

It can be empowering

Wearing makeup is even a form of self-care. It’s all about wanting to explore your different looks. Makeup is a confidence booster because we are exploring a different style. The idea of doing something for yourself makes us feel beautiful inside and out.

Nonetheless, every woman should embrace their natural beauty with a clean face. But sometimes, a little mascara and blush never hurt anybody.

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