Entity Supports The Performing Arts at the summer internship.

During my summer internship at Entity, Jennifer invited us to many inspiring activities such as watching an American Contemporary Ballet show, visiting The Broad and flying a plane. These activities not only lightened my stay in Los Angeles, but also taught me a few things about life.

The American Contemporary Ballet show was the first ballet show I’d ever seen. It was not a long show, but I am sure they had been practicing for months or even years to perfect the dances.

Ballet is the type of dance that dancers have to practice a great deal to be successful. The dancers performed so well that they looked effortless when they were doing pointe work – they looked like they were floating in air. There is a saying in China goes, “You must work really hard to seem effortless.” This is exactly the case when it comes to ballet. We’ve seen people do great things effortlessly, but every one of them has worked hard for a long time to achieve these skills.

Jennifer also invited us to visit the Broad Museum to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit “Imitation of Life.” It is Cindy Sherman’s first major museum show in Los Angeles in almost 20 years so I am glad that I was able to go. I was amazed that she does everything herself – she’s the photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist and does whatever else is needed during shoot. This way of managing things ensures that she gets everything under control.

The most exciting activity of the summer was the flying lesson. Just think of how few people have had the chance to fly a plane! Even though this was definitely a now-or-never chance, I struggled to decide whether or not I should go. I am never good at controlling anything except my arms and legs; I can’t ride a bike or drive a car. I am not even good at playing car racing video games, so I was worried that I could not control the plane well. But everything turned out fine. I got to fly to Catalina Island, around downtown LA, the Hollywood sign and RMS Queen Mary. I am so pleased that I did choose to take the flying lesson.

There are many things in life that seem scary from the outside. But if you don’t do these scary things, you know you will regret it later in life. That is why I don’t regret my choices this summer – I faced my fears and just did it.

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