Entity reports on how a positive mentality helps improve results.

Are you glued to your business and life goals the way your niece is glued to the television when Elmo comes on? There are benefits to being a focused woman, but it’s even more rewarding to know that your mental health helped you along the way.

It’s important to constantly practice positive intellectual habits because your mind is your best friend. However, it can easily turn into your enemy if you don’t know how to stay on track. Instead of fighting a brain battle, go and enter the world of intellect. It starts with one simple task: tell yourself you can do better and think that way every single day.

The more you think you can do better, you will actually do better – and here’s why:

1 You’ll stay persistent.

If you think you can do better, you will keep pushing and pushing until you reach that goal. Some steps will be harder than others, but you will have the ability to stay persistent in order to overcome those difficulties. As stated in the article Persistence Pays Off by Anne Bachrach, you’ll find a way to make things happen with persistence and consistent action. You’re training your mind to stay strong amidst the roughest moments, which is important for success. Without this persistent mindset, you wouldn’t have the determination to keep growing.

2 You’ll always have a cheerleader.

When you’re constantly telling yourself that you can do it, you’re ultimately your number one cheerleader. With that, you’ll have the courage to believe in yourself no matter what gets thrown your way. According to The Huffington Post, cheering for yourself with passion is not arrogant since it’s needed in order to live a life of fulfillment, gratitude and meaning. Don’t forget that being your own cheerleader allows you to train your mind to keep your spirits high. You can tackle the biggest battles with that strong attitude and there’s no doubt that you will flourish.

3 You’ll weed out distractions.

When you’re always telling yourself that you can do better, your concentration is heavily put on yourself. This way, you wont let anyone or anything make you lose your focus. Say goodbye to stressing about who’s getting ahead and stop worrying about any haters. You’re focused on your own journey to success! There is no competition with others because the only one that matters is the battle that’s right in front of you. As quoted by Jermaine Riley, “Distractions destroy action. If it’s not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone.”

Remember to not let the noise of others keep you from hearing the voice in your head. Paint out the picture that you want for your future. Feed your focus with the kind of determination that constantly screams “you can do better!”

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