One Entity mentee discusses why she's happy to be one of the women that do.

There’s something really inspiring about saying you’re a “woman that does,” and when you’re actually living it and breathing it, it has a way of encouraging you to keep being that woman.

Before I became a mentee with ENTITY, I was already doing the things that I needed to do, to be where I wanted to be (thanks, Oprah, for that quote) but being surrounded by a group of young women who were also on the same mission made it that much better for me. It was a positive affirmation that there are young women out there who are trying to find themselves in their careers.

I identify with being part of #womenthatdo for overcoming the obstacles and accomplishing the goals that I have set for myself. For example, I am learning new skills to help me get a job in a field that I really see myself growing into.

Sure, that’s what everyone’s supposed to be doing anyway, but what I think makes this program so special to me is that I chose to surround myself with like-minded girls who are really “just trying to figure it out.” That alone gives you some positive affirmation that so many young women need guidance in trying to find their dream jobs.

For the past four years, I have been going to school at night and working a full-time job during the day with a ton of responsibilities to take care of in between. To say that the days are challenging is an understatement. The days have been very long these past few years, and yet I have managed to survive 12-hour days glued to a computer screen, like most of these girls.

The ENTITY Mentorship Program has proven to me that there are women like me who are struggling to find their dream career and are doing everything possible to get their foot in the door.

Having the opportunity to hear speeches from some of the most hard-working women in their respective industries, such as social media, technology, interior design, sustainability and most importantly, entrepreneurship, has been very rewarding and inspiring.

Owning the motto #womenthatdo has a way of keeping you accountable for staying in rhythm with your goals. It’s almost like you want to continue to live up to that standard.

You’re not a woman that does if you’re sitting at home waiting for things to fall in order. You have to go out there and make moves.

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