ENTITY shares the best cruelty-free drugstore makeup brandsENTITY shares the best cruelty-free drugstore makeup

Shopping for makeup at the drugstore can either be incredibly rewarding for your bank account, or a huge flop. With dozens of drugstore makeup brands, it can be difficult to find products that not only fit your needs but are also cruelty-free. While it may seem that only high-end stores offer this option, there are actually plenty of affordable options out there. So not only will your wallet feel good, you’ll feel good too.

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Best cruelty free drugstore makeup

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This drugstore makeup brand is not only amazing because of its incredible price range (most products range from one to six dollars), but it’s also completely cruelty-free. It gets better, the brand is also completely vegan. This includes their makeup brushes!

Some of their best selling products include foundation, highlighters and liquid lipsticks. Shop for all of their products on their website here.


ENTITY shares the best cruelty free drugstore makeup

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FLOWER Beauty was launched by Drew Barrymore in 2013, and has since expanded to retail locations including Walmart and Ulta. FLOWER’s aim is to provide women everywhere with quality makeup that won’t cost a fortune.

Drew designs the brand’s products herself and not only are they extremely cute, they’re also cruelty-free of course. All products are also hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, so they won’t be harmful to the skin.

Products are about ten dollars and range from setting sprays and liquid lipsticks to beauty sets, which include a variety of items. Find your favorite FLOWER products here.


ENTITY shares the best cruelty-free drugstore brands

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Milani has been around in drugstores for AGES, and for good reason. All of the products are extremely affordable and of amazing quality. Plus, they do cater their products to fit more skin tones than other brands.

Milani’s products also seem to be more innovative than most drugstore options. In fact, they even sell eye toppers to layer on top of eyeshadow or wear on their own to give off a shimmering effect. They even offer lip toppers for a completed shimmering look. Milani also has brushes that start at only eight dollars, and are super fluffy.


ENTITY shares the best cruelty-free drugstore makeup brands

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Colourpop was founded in Los Angeles in 2014, and has never tested their products on animals. In fact, they state on their website, “we test our products in the nicest way possible, leaving fur babies to be fur babies and experimenting on people instead (the people at ColourPop HQ to be exact!).” Yep, they’re amazing!

Originally known for their insane liquid lipsticks, Colourpop now also sells a variety of products while still keeping prices to a minimum — an eyeshadow palette with 12 shades is only 16 dollars!

Colourpop sells liquid lipsticks, crème lipsticks, “lippie stix,” lip glosses … well, you get the picture. They sell A LOT of lip products. However, they also sell brow products, concealers, loose powders, highlighters, blushes and bronzers.

Check out their products here.

Wet n Wild

ENTITY shares the best cruelty-free drugstore makeup

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Wet n Wild has also never tested its products on animals, and all of their products are 100 percent cruelty-free. Most of their products are also vegan!

Drugstore makeup brands don’t tend to include pigments and liquid eyeshadows, but Wet n Wild is that exception. They sell a bundle of four eyeshadow pigments for just six dollars! Even better, a lot of their products have been spotted as dupes for higher-end products, including M.A.C. lipsticks!

Check out Wet n Wild here.

If you want to explore even more options, we’ve also rounded up a few of our favorite drugstore makeup options here!

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