Entity explains why you should jump the gun and buy a bullet journal.

You have a coffee date with Jess at nine, a meeting with your boss at two, drinks with that Tinder date at seven and a reservation with Netflix at 10. We get it – you’re a busy woman.

But wait … you forgot to drop off that Red Box movie before nine! And wasn’t today the day you were supposed to wash your car? Oh no, you also forgot to call your mom back. Suddenly you’re frantically flipping through your disorganized planner, trying to find the holes in your day that slipped past you.

While some #WomenThatDo are more organized than The Container Store, some of us are struggling to find our to-do lists scribbled on the back of receipts and post-it notes. Maybe you tried Google calendar or bought a designer planner, but nothing really stuck.

Before you give up all social obligations, bite the bullet … journal, that is. Bullet Journaling is a technique aimed to track your daily, monthly and future tasks. Using numbers, lines, dots, circles, dash and star signifiers, the system transforms a blank notebook into a minimalist masterpiece with maximum planning potential. You keep your goals organized under several separate lists – the index, daily log, monthly log, rapid log and future log – which you update constantly.

Ryder Carroll, a Brooklyn-based digital product designer, developed the system to simplify his schedule and expanded the project into a small business to offer others the same peace of mind. The trend has now exploded into a movement, with countless YouTube users adapting the method to their own individual style and uploading videos of their personal journals.

Want to give analog a go? Here are three reasons why you should jump the gun and buy a Bullet Journal to take control of your busy schedule.


There are a lot of pretty planners out there, but that organization usually carries a hefty price tag. Bullet Journals offer an inexpensive alternative without sacrificing your unique aesthetic.

According to the Bullet Journal website, “All you need is a notebook and a pen.” Although the company offers a custom notebook in its online store, Carroll insists that the technique can be achieved with any blank book.

“The system works just as well in the notebook of your own choice,” Carroll said in a tutorial video. So grab a Moleskin or Lechtturn1917 in your favorite color and get writing.


While there are many free online alternatives, they often require discipline and a tech-savvy attitude. Carroll developed his analog system to adapt to his quick-paced and ever-changing schedule.

“We keep track of things, the things we’ve done, the things we need to do, the things we aspire to,” Carroll said. “There’s a lot to keep track of. There are plenty of apps for that, but I needed a system flexible enough to handle whatever I threw at it and fast enough that it wouldn’t get in the way.”

From record players to watches, analog is in. Not only is analog trendy and hip, it’s also reliable – and it never needs a Wi-Fi password.


Whether you’re a Type A kinda gal or a free spirit, your Bullet Journal fits perfectly to your personality and lifestyle. Complete control over your notebook grants you total control over your schedule.

“The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system,” Carroll said. “It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.”

Bullet journaling encourages efficiency without sacrificing originality. All you need to do is set up an index, future, monthly and daily logs and task lists – the rest is up to you.

Whether you stick to the website tutorial or get innovative with those blank pages, the technique should help turn around even the most disorganized diva. So channel your inner hipster, hit up a coffee shop and get planning.

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