Entity reports on Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe is often touted as one of the most beautiful women in history. With her bedroom eyes, winged eyeliner and full red lips, Marilyn’s look is considered iconic.

While she may be the one with the most well-known pinup look, she certainly wasn’t the only one wearing it. Stars and pinup girls throughout the 1940s and ’50s such as Grace Kelly,  Betty Grable and Bettie Page had the look too.

ENTITY spoke with actress and Marilyn Monroe lookalike Suzie Kennedy to learn why the model’s style has remained a staple to this day.

“It’s such a classic look,” Kennedy explains. “In the ’50s most actresses had the scarlett lips and the ‘come to bed’ eyes and that look has never faded.” Certainly, the look has maintained its timelessness with various celebs like Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani and Rose Huntington-Whiteley sporting the same elegant style

So if you want to look like Marilyn Monroe, here are four tips that will help you achieve that timeless glamour.

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1 Rock the simple eye shadow.

Because you want your bold red lips and cat eye to do the talking, keep your eye shadow simple. This was a staple of Marilyn Monroe’s makeup look, explains Suzie Kennedy. “Marilyn didn’t use as much eye makeup as people think. It was very creamy and had light shades to create that ‘come to bed’ eye look.”

A good way to do replicate her look is to create a nude eye with brown, orange hues to match your skin tone. Use these shadows to accent the outer corner of your lids.

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2 Prime your pucker.

Suzie Kennedy poses as Marilyn Monroe

Suzie Kennedy poses as Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was known for her iconic red lipstick. Suzie explains, “I think red is a shade that says so much. It’s sexy and bold but yet represents a sexiness of that time. A scarlett woman! Yet now we see it as a powerful woman statement that’s not scared of her sexuality or showing it.”

A big part of the pin up look is the perfect red lips that look absolutely kissable. To create a smooth canvas for your red lipstick, make sure to exfoliate and prime your lips.

3 Keep your lips lined.

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

If there’s anyone in 2016 that encapsulates the glamour of the pinup, it’s Dita Von Teese. Her hair is always perfectly coiffed and her make up is flawless.

While discussing her new book, “Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour,” Teese also reveals the trick to getting her favorite red lip look. The secret? Lip liner.

In the video, Dita shares, “Lip liner is essential to getting that really vibrant red lip with lots of saturated color, which I love.” Lip liner not only defines your lips, but it serves as a foundation for your lipstick or lipgloss.

4 Eyeliner. Period.

Besides the red lipstick, eyeliner is a pinup staple. It quite literally gives the look its signature flick. And while it’s the most important part of the look, the cat eye can be the most challenging. Creating a cat eye is not for the faint of heart or the shaky of hand. But don’t worry if you’re a beginner … practice and a good liquid liner make perfect, according to Kennedy.

Experiment with this style however you want – there is no limit to how thick or long your cat eye should be. Besides, the pinup girl offered a sense of youthful rebellion. Don’t let any “cat eye rules” restrict you.

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