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My journey as a “mentee” at ENTITY’s SEO Boot Camp, also known as the ENTITY Academy, in Los Angeles, is only beginning. I’ll spend the next seven weeks writing articles, making lasting friendships, finding mentors and gaining digital skills. With only a few hours in the program, I’m already pumped for what the summer will bring.

1 I’ll get individual attention in an intimate cohort.

ENTITY hosts interns at the Academy every summer and pays them a stipend, too! There are two sessions per year. I am one of 11 people in the second session. That’s a departure from 50 in the first session, which means this will be more like an apprenticeship or job shadowing.

When I found out that the cohort would be so small, I could’ve easily been intimidated. After all, the Academy had over 2,000 applicants this year. However, I saw it as a major plus. That means I’ll be anything but a number here. Plus, I suck at learning names. From what I’ve gathered from the introductions, my fellow mentees are from all over the country. They’ve studied diverse subjects and are all keen on being here too.

ENTITY shares their interns input about the Academy.

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2 The ENTITY Academy is much more than just SEO – it’s also a boot camp in life skills and mentorship.

Krav Maga? Flying lessons? How to dress for success? Chances to network with high-powered professional women? Yes, I’ll get all of this and more! That’s because ENTITY prides itself on its status as the first women’s media company dedicated entirely to mentorship. The CEO, Jennifer Schwab, felt that she had no mentors as a young twenty-something woman navigating her career and life. She did something about the deficit and founded ENTITY to pay it forward.  No pun intended. I’m looking forward to it.

3 I’ll gain digital skills for the working world.

The chance to upgrade my digital skills is one of the reasons I applied to ENTITY. I also knew they were important for my job hunt. Going in, I only knew that SEO stood for “search engine optimization.” That’s about it. When I read job descriptions I kept seeing a lot of jargon and tools I’ve never used. And those were the exact same skills on the syllabus for the SEO boot camp. I knew at that moment I had to apply.  Now, that I’m in the office, I feel empowered by the knowledge that I’ll learn these skills inside and out over the next seven weeks!

ENTITY presents the ENTITY Academy experience

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My first impressions of the skills and mentors are intriguing. I’m sure to gain those assets while taking part in the ENTITY Academy. Keep reading my articles over the next seven weeks and follow my journey to becoming the next SEO Wonder Woman!

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