ENTITY reports on how to find a job.

Finding a job can be difficult and stressful, but it’s something we all have to do. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or someone looking for a new position, we need some way to pay the bills.

But how can you find a job you won’t hate Every. Single. Day?

Well, pause your current job search, stop sifting through the newspapers and let ENTITY give you some advice. Here are five tips we have for you.

1 Online Job Hunting

Entity reports on how to get a job.

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Nowadays, the number one place to find a job is online. There are a plethora of online websites to help you find the job for you. From Google jobs to websites to Indeed to Snagajob, your resources are virtually limitless.

And if you’re looking for jobs in a specific industry, that’s an option too. Mediabistro, for example, only shows jobs for media professionals. Want an executive assistant position in the publishing industry? There are tons of listings online.


But before you go off and apply to all the openings you see, create a list of employers you’d like to work for and visit their websites as often as you can. Prioritize those applications and really take the time to perfect our application for those jobs.

If you don’t have an idea right now, you could also sign up to get notifications when a specific job gets posted. This will keep you updated real-time. So keep your eye out on those messages and you might just land the job of your dreams.

2 Mentorships

ENTITY reports on how to find a job.

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Through mentorship, you can form relationships with people who are willing to teach you the skills they’ve learned throughout their career. Being able to talk to and get one-on-one feedback from a mentor is very valuable for your career.

So if you’re wondering how to find a job, look companies offering mentorship programs first. Often times, those companies will hire at the end of a program or will connect you with people who are hiring. In fact, if you’re looking for a mentorship opportunity catered to women, ENTITY offers just that.

The ENTITY mentorship is a 10-week program that offers an opportunity to explore career paths, get experience in the digital world and create relationships with amazing female mentors. And this mentorship won’t have you going on coffee runs everyday. You’ll be doing actual work with other talented women from all across the country. Interested? You can learn about the ENTITY Academy here.

3 Networking

ENTITY reports on how to find a job.


If you don’t have a mentor, then putting yourself out there and meeting people from different industries is so important to finding a job. Go to networking events because the people you meet there are like doors to opportunities that could enhance your career.

Forbes gave some good advice when it comes to networking. They said to get in touch with at least three people you haven’t spoken to in a while and ask to meet them for coffee.

Once you create that relationship with them, find ways to brainstorm and pitch them your ideas to team up. These relationships will strengthen and hopefully open the doors to possible job opportunities.

4 Flexibility

Looking for jobs that are specific can be more challenging. So, being flexible and open to different opportunities can also lead you to find something you never thought you’d be doing.

Thus, be open to taking jobs that may not necessarily be where you see yourself for the rest of your life. Just know that it’s just the beginning to reaching your dream job.

5 Job Fairs

ENTITY reports on how to find a job.


Checking out job fairs in your local area is like going to a career shopping event. You show up to check out all the jobs that are being offered and you get to pick the ones that best fit your needs.

Some good advice would be to plan ahead. Look at the companies participating in the job fair you’re planning on attending and then do your research on them. Although you’re looking for a job you want, the companies are looking for prospects they want. So, you want to make sure to always impress.

Think of these job fairs as mini interviews. You are meeting with the people in charge of hiring employees for their company. First impressions are crucial. Some organizations may even offer on-site interviews to candidates who meet their requirements.

Overall, most, if not all, of these things are necessary to do when you’re looking for a job. It’s a competitive world out there but we know you can do it. Best of luck on your job search!

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