Entity shares how a rigorous mentorship boosted my confidence.

Before starting my mentorship at Entity Mag, I was terrified. I had some experience writing but not the type of experience where thousands of people could potentially see my work. At first it felt unreal to even be here.

I was surrounded by so many young women who had been doing incredible things on their college campuses, and I had, too. Yet somehow it still felt weird being here. In addition, I was extremely nervous about spending every day for the next 10 weeks with a group of 14 women who were complete strangers to me.

When the mentorship first began I was like a sponge. I wanted to absorb everything that I could. Whether it was SEO or writing, I wanted to become better. I realized that I had made it a personal mission to leave Entity with more knowledge than I had walked in with.

This rigorous mentorship improved my confidence in more ways than one. Sure, I wrote some silly articles, like what’s the net worth of Kris Jenner, but at the end of the day, every article I wrote helped me become a better writer. I can now walk into an interview and show some of the work that I am proud to have written.

I will always be thankful that the Entity Mag mentorship brought some incredible people into my life. The young women who at the beginning of the summer were strangers to me are now some of my good friends. Wherever life leads each of us, I know that I will be cheering them on.

The Entity mentorship truly became a sisterhood, and I’m blessed to have spent my summer with this group of women.

The Best Summer Ever:

Ten weeks of this rigorous mentorship taught me a lot about who I am and who I can become. I want to continue to be a woman that does. In addition, I want to encourage other young women to be women that do. It is so encouraging to know that there is a place where young women can learn more about things that they’re passionate about.

As the program comes to an end I can’t believe I actually did it. It’s one thing to say it was hard, but it’s another to have actually gone through with it. At one point we were writing five articles per day and that week felt like an eternity in and of itself.

Ten weeks later and I’m happy to say I found a place where I belong. Throughout my 10 weeks at Entity I really came to grow as an individual. I became more confident in who I am as person and the work that I can produce. In addition, I am less afraid. Entity Mag prepared me so that when a new opportunity arises, I will be able to fly with it.

Final Thoughts:

I feel so thankful to have found a family at Entity Mag. From the full-time employees, the mentees and our CEO Jennifer, I know I have a group of people that will continue to support me even now that my time at Entity is done. I’m so happy to have seen myself grow as an individual this past summer and become more confident in myself and in my work.

I am sure that the Entity mentorship will see a lot of young women like me come through its doors. And, I hope it continues to be a place to come and share ideas. I hope that Entity remains a place of encouragement and empowerment for young women.

Young women have the power to take on the world. All we need is a little bit of confidence and a good pair of shoes.

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