A strong woman is so many things.

Entity shares 11 signs you're a strong woman.

She is selfless. She is selfish. She is happy. She is sad.

She is her own perfect mix of funny and serious, smart and silly, kind and cold. She knows when to step in and when to step out. She can read people, especially those whom she loves.

A strong woman understands the balance of life. She sees beauty in transition and welcomes transformation. She gives, but she also saves enough for herself. She knows the difference between being strong and feeling strong. She is in touch with her friends and family as much as she is in touch with herself.

She is not perfect.

A strong woman knows real struggle and real suffering. She has days where she does not feel strong. She has days when she questions whether she has the strength to live one more day.

But a strong woman perseveres. She’s driven, curious, interested and resilient. If you’re reading this, you’re a strong woman.

All women are strong women.

So, just in case you need a boost as to how strong you really are, here are 11 signs that you’re not only strong, but also a BADASS.

1 You love yourself even when loving yourself gets hard.

Entity shares signs you're a strong woman

Learning how to unconditionally love yourself is a constant self-taught lesson in resilience. But your strength has gotten you this far.

Chances are there’s a whole lot of love in your heart for your own self. Utilize that love. Never stop discovering it. And always remember to carry it with you wherever you go.

2 You are tremendously courageous.

You have the ability to be there for those who need you. You don’t duck out when things get tough. You stay, sit, listen, move, cry and speak with the people in your life who matter to you most.

Having the courage to extend yourself to others the way you do, is a testament to the strong woman you truly are.

3 You fill your day with meaning.

Entity shares signs you're a strong woman

You spend your time helping others, investing time in yourself and searching for answers to questions you have. You lead a life of purpose, often putting the needs of others before your own.

The very fact that you understand that life is about lifting up your community, shows just how strong you are. You are a pillar of meaningful actions. You know your time is precious, so you make every minute count.

4 You know when to let yourself rest.

Being a strong woman can be tiring. But part of the strength you possess lies in knowing when to give yourself a break. When the world feels like it’s getting heavy, give your strong woman muscles a break! Taking time for yourself will only revitalize and rejuvenate you so that tomorrow, you can wake up strong again.

5 You are the creator of your own happiness.

A strong woman doesn’t let the emotions or unkind words of others pull her down. You know that you’re in charge of your own happiness. The strength in self-determining something like happiness is insurmountable.

But developing the ability to really create happiness is like exercising a muscle. It might not always be easy, but at the end of the day, if we want to be happy, we will be happy. So always make sure to strengthen your own happiness muscles every day.

6 You believe in yourself even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Entity shares signs you're a strong woman

This is tricky, but you’re already a pro. Strong women like you know that part of being strong means believing in yourself even when you feel like you can’t or don’t. Eventually, whatever it is that’s causing doubt in your mind will float away and you’ll be left stronger than before. Because you will have made it through a time of weakness only to come out stronger on the other side.

7 You own who you are.

You are entirely okay with being your total self. When someone questions your opinions or actions, you back them up. You’re not afraid to give people a piece of your mind. You are you in the purest form.

But that, of course, didn’t come easily. You spend time getting to know yourself as you change. Strength only grows over time, so chances are you’ve got a lot of it.

8 You are a badass.

Entity tells you you're a strong woman

No explanation necessary. You just are.

9 You cry a lot.

If you find yourself crying a lot, that’s a sign of strength. Experiencing emotion and letting your body respond the way it naturally wants to, takes a tremendous amount of strength. Even if you don’t find yourself crying, the female ability to process emotions makes us strong. Especially in numbers.

10 You speak your mind.

This is how other people know you’re the strong woman that you are. You speak your own truth and you never stop.

You are intimately in sync with the thoughts that circulate within your mind and when you feel it’s time to let them out, you let ’em go. Speaking your mind isn’t always easy though, so the fact that you have that ability proves your strength.

11 You support other women no matter what.

Entity shares signs you're a strong woman.

The most powerful measure of a woman’s strength is the degree to which she supports and strengthens her fellow women. Whether it be in the workplace, a new community, a school, a party, a park or a family gathering, women who lift other women up are truly the strongest.

At ENTITY, it’s our own personal mission to empower women at every possible crossroad, juncture and chapter of their lives.

You are a strong woman, and honestly, you don’t really need to look for signs to remind you of that. The inner strength all women hold is permanent. It’s always there.

But think how different the world could be if all women realized their strength every single day.

So keep being the courageous, loving, emotional, opinionated, badass woman that you are. It’s not that we need more strong women like you in the world (because, remember, all women are strong), but we do need all women to really grasp the power and strength that they possess.

So go tell a woman you love that she’s strong. Remind her. Because reminders can only strengthen strong women even more.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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