ENTITY discusses ENTITY Academy

The struggles of a freshly graduated college student is so prevalent that its a sad cliche. It’s no wonder the student debt crisis isn’t going away, according to a new report by Forbes. My story, is unfortunately no exception.

So when ENTITY Academy gave me a chance to finally immerse myself in media, inspiration and hope replaced my cynicism.

Here are three reasons I’m excited to work at ENTITY.

1 Opportunity

While my professors were absolutely wonderful and qualified teachers of their craft, they couldn’t prepare me for life after walking off the stage. The first few months after graduation spiraled into a whirlwind of applications and increasingly desperate attempts to simply get into any company’s front door. All I wanted was a chance. Finally, I stumbled across ENTITY Magazine on Indeed.com where there were open and in-person interviews the very next day.

While ENTITY Academy has an incredible team of mentors versed in essential modern-day multimedia skills, they most importantly gave me an opportunity.

A chance.

A foot in the correct door.

ENTITY discusses ENTITY Academy

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2 Mentorship

New media’s constantly being conceptualized and integrated into the public. Corporate companies and media agencies continuously seek applicants familiar with modern media formats and ones that are at the forefront of developing multimedia. It’s tough.

ENTITY’s SEO Boot Camp, also known as ENTITY Academy, provides vital skills to professional success, such as learning basic Search Engine Optimization and graphic design. The Academy is an institution that aims to “inspire, empower and equip” young women – and on occasion, young men – looking to make an impact in the professional field.

Jennifer Schwab, ENTITY Magazine CEO, founded the Academy to mentor and project young women to unprecedented heights and achievements. An ENTITY creation, #WomenThatDo, implies that value is measured by merit and actions, not by gender or circumstance. This hashtag encourages women to push themselves to reach their ultimate potential by action, something that really inspires me to do the same.

3 Networking

Outside of all the skills, though, I’m most excited about making friends at ENTITY Academy. Growing up, I constantly bounced around different schools and states as my freshly immigrated father worked odd jobs. Learning how to make friends as fast as possible ensured that I had someone to sit with during that all-important first lunch period at a new school. Living as an introvert forced me to face my fears and be outgoing on a daily basis, quickly resulting in amazing and fulfilling friendships.

Now, as a young adult looking to start a new career, ENTITY Academy provides me with another unique opportunity to learn and network with experienced mentors and ambitious, self-driven professional peers.

ENTITY discusses ENTITY Academy

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With all of these resources and amazing opportunities ready for me, I am finally getting up and doing something.

I am excited and honored to be part of the #WomenThatDo.

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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