Summer is the prime time for young professionals to develop skill-sets that’ll make them more appealing to employers. I started my summer studying abroad, and upon returning home in early July, I was facing a terrifying question: how do I use the rest of my summer break wisely? Through twists, turns, and luck, I found myself forging a path at the gates of ENTITY Academy.

1 Developing SEO skills

ENTITY shares information about ENTITY Academy


Throwing in “proficient at Microsoft Excel” at the tail-end of a resume simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Thats why it’s great that ENTITY Academy is geared toward helping interns develop meaningful computer skills. And since technology dictates how today’s world changes, adaptation is key.  I’m excited to learn about analytics, social media and marketing, as I become a well-rounded young professional.

ENTITY has been around for about two years. They’ve already taken the initiative to teach young women SEO. It’s exciting to work with an organization that’s helping the community like that.  Plus, I want to learn how to develop my SEO skills, so that I can actually possess the skills listed at the bottom of that resume.

2 Becoming a better writer

I’m finally getting past the learning curve for writing successful college papers. That’s great, because good writing is a useful skill in any profession. However, writing for media is a different ball game. I’m looking forward to writing engaging, informative articles. I want to improve my writing while publishing meaningful works. I like that we’ll be pushed to write every single day, and that we’ll have a close working relationship with the editors. If its one thing that I know I need, its guidance for my writing.

It’s easy to be insecure about the type of work you’re putting out there. That’s where support is necessary. The atmosphere that I’m already seeing at ENTITY is a empowering and I’m happy to find my voice here. Overall, I want to share my perspective on the world. And, I want to do it while learning and improving myself.

3 Networking with like-minded mentors

ENTITY shares about ENTITY Academy


Ever since turning 20, I’ve been hit with the realization that whether I like it or not,  time is passing. Looking at the incredible accomplishments my friends and peers have been doing I couldn’t help but feel like I had no direction or path. Thats where ENTITY changed that mentality. Their goal of giving direction to young women is what initially drew me. It speaks volumes that ENTITY CEO Jennifer Schwab said the program was created specifically to empower youth with tangible skill sets. I can’t wait to learn here, and to share my experiences with the world.

Our early 20s are an important time for developing inspiration and confidence after all, and I’m thrilled to see the heights that I can reach under the guidance of the wonderful ladies at ENTITY Academy.

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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