ENTITY shares their interns input about the Academy.

Not knowing what happens after graduating is a common issue felt amongst college grads. When you’re used to taking classes and following a repeated cycle, interrupting that algorithm can be tough. Like so many other grads, I knew what I didn’t want to do, but that barely helped. I still had a long list of what I could potentially do, but nothing was really clicking. And then I found out about the ENTITY Academy.

Here Are Three Reasons Why I Chose ENTITY.

1 ENTITY’s mission statement is me.

I came across ENTITY on Indeed and immediately fell in love with the publication because of what they represent The media outlet reminded me of the women empowerment organization I started as an undergrad at Virginia Commonwealth University. After doing some research, it became obvious that ENTITY’s mission statement resonated with my beliefs, which made me apply for the ENTITY Academy immediately.


ENTITY shares their interns input about the Academy.


2 Traveling to Los Angeles is better than staying in Virginia.

My life has been on the East Coast, specifically in Virginia. And to be truthful, living in The Commonwealth right now isn’t necessarily what I plan to do. Of course Virginia will always be home, but traveling to a big city like Los Angeles is something I’ve always wanted to experience. Now is my time to explore what the City of Angels has to offer. Being that it’s my first time out of the East Coast makes this journey all the more exciting.

3 Dreams of working for a magazine are closer than expected.

I always pictured myself working for a magazine. Being Mary Jane was my favorite show. It was easy to imagine myself working for a big publication as this fierce boss that didn’t take any BS from anyone.  It was only natural to take journalism all throughout high school. This early experience only helped me realize I wanted to work for magazines and not newspapers. The ENTITY Academy was just what I needed.

ENTITY shares their interns input about the Academy.

Coming across ENTITY is the reason I was able to come out to LA with a valid reason.  I’m so excited to learn about SEO and other preferred skills at the ENTITY Academy all journalists should have. I’m glad I have the opportunity to be around young professionals who all have a common goal– becoming badass bosses who conquer the workforce.

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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