Entity advises on how to enjoy single life.

I get it. You’ve recently been dumped or just parted ways with a partner, and it stings. A lot. Wallowing is all you really want to do: bring on the ice cream and cue the insanely stupid romantic tearjerkers. But, don’t let yourself sink into too dark of a hole for too long. We’ve all heard the cheesy saying, “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” But in a situation such as this, you really should take it to heart. Whether you believe that everything happens for a reason or not, any sort of breakup or falling out can serve as a lesson. Learn from it, and use it to better yourself.

1 You ll Find Yourself (As Clich As It Sounds)

Breaking up with a significant other leaves you with a lot of time on your hands. Who are you gonna watch House of Cards with now? Or have date night on Friday with? You most likely feel lost, like you don’t know what to do with yourself. Use this time to get comfortable with being alone. Allow yourself to enjoy your own company. Take yourself out to dinner. Order a big, heaping bowl of pasta and bring a book. As you walk down the street, slow down and take in your surroundings. Try to enjoy not having someone to be obliged to talk to, and spend some time in silence.

2 You’ll Have More Time To Pursue Your Interests (And Have Fun!)

When you’re single, going out on a weekend with the girls becomes a fun and worry-free activity. You don’t have to be concerned about your significant other being jealous. Although, if that was the case then it was good to get out of that relationship when you did. Having an overly possessive and easily provoked partner is rarely beneficial to anyone involved. And, since you don’t have anyone else lounging around your apartment and eating all your snacks, you can make more time for hobbies. Pick up an instrument. Paint and make a mess, without worrying about cleaning it up for the convenience of others.

3 You Can Play The Field

Whether you’re someone who enjoys the single scene or not, getting back out there can be rewarding and fun. You’ll discover a lot about yourself as you decide who you do and don’t like, and if a date goes horribly wrong, you’ll have a great story to tell! You don’t have to start swiping away on Tinder, but just enjoy striking up random conversations with comely strangers. You never know, you could find yourself getting back on that horse.

I know it’s hard. But learning to accept your own company, becoming self-sufficient and getting back out there can change your life for the better. Blessings come in all sorts of unfamiliar disguises.

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