Entity discusses dating a strong woman

What makes a strong woman? How do you make a strong, independent woman fall in love with you?

Well in short, coercing a strong woman to do anything is next to impossible. Her strong-mindedness is a result of her upbringing, one that stressed the importance of seeing through romantic BS.

Plus, she’s most likely pretty stubborn. Take it from someone who was raised by a cop’s daughter — courting us is infuriating.

But let’s say you’ve charmed a strong woman into a date or two. Here’s what you should expect from dating a strong woman.

1 She Walks with a Purpose.

Entity discusses dating a strong woman

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“Attackers are looking for victims,” her father probably told her. The “victims” in question are the doe-eyed blondes scampering in their underwear during horror films. Basically, from their body language and naive gaze, they don’t look aware of their surroundings at all.

Women raised by law enforcement officers are told to walk briskly with a firm grip on their purse, keeping a hawk’s focus on their next location. Their face will not exude an ounce of joy, but this doesn’t mean they’re unhappy — it just means they’re focused.

2 She will take charge. A lot.

If you’re at the hand-holding stage, prepare to be led. Although strong women aren’t always super bossy, they don’t like to be led 100 percent of the time. She’s been warned about psychopaths and their tendencies to be controlling. And she’s having none of it.

Basically, she wants a balance of leadership in her relationship, not a constant tug-of-war for power. Dating a strong woman essentially just makes things easier.

3 She’s gonna check windows and doors. A lot.

Entity discusses dating a strong woman

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Let’s say you’re a police officer who has successfully put away a criminal at large. Although you are proud of your accomplishment, the mob leader casually whispers that he plans to murder your entire family if he ever gets out (yup, this happens). Think “Cape Fear” or “Goodfellas.”

Although the possibility of this ever happening is slim to none, you wouldn’t take chances. The doors to the house will be double-checked, windows sealed before grocery trips and valuables will never be left unattended in the car, even for a moment.

4 She packs quite the punch if she’s startled.

Her parents have most likely signed her up for every free self-defense class in the city. She could be in the safest neighborhood of Safesville County, USA and she will still deliver a mean uppercut to any unwelcome touch.

Granted, you might have tickled her as a means of flirting. Do not do this. Her nails will become finger knives.

5 She’s no damsel, but she still appreciates being cared for.

Even the most independent of women appreciates a cup of hot chocolate after a long day of work. Now, “taken care of” can often be confused with “supported, because she can’t support herself.” However, it almost never actually means this.

A successful relationship requires that both partners feel supported. Regardless of personality, support should always be a two-way street.

So, you think you’re dating a strong woman. Congratulations, they’re pretty awesome. Just don’t sneak up on her at home… she might accidentally put those Krav Maga classes to use.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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