ENTITY shows you how to fix broken nails using tips from expert manicurists.

If you’ve ever broken a nail, you know how your inner diva suffers. You’ve got to find a quick fix, or you could end up hurting somebody — and yourself.

People suggest hacks like using tissue paper or tea bags with a spot of glue, but what do expert manicurists recommend? And are their methods attainable? Hint: they are! Read on for drama-free and painless ways to fix broken nails.

ENTITY shows you how to fix broken nails using tips from expert manicurists.


But first, why do nails even break?

According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD), nails usually break because of an external component or action. This includes repetitive wetting and drying, low humidity, dry weather, harsh chemicals or picking at peeling nail polish.

If a person is worried that their broken nail comes from vitamin deficiency or another medical factor, they should examine their toenails (even if they’re not a fan). Are those strong in comparison? If so, it’s probably not a health issue!

What if it’s just a slight chip?

According to an InStyle Magazine interview with celebrity manicurist Ashlie Johnson, using a glass file works for slight chips. The file smooths out rough spots and reduces the risk of further damage. With the exception of celebrity hand models, it’s unlikely people will notice that the nail is a little shorter than the rest.

Does that tea bag trick to fix broken nails really work?

ENTITY shows you how to fix broken nails using tips from expert manicurists.


You can find a tea bag (or a coffee filter, or tissue paper) in most households or offices. Celebrity manicurist Angel Williams confirmed in an interview with Makeup.com that this hack is a good at-home mend, especially with nail glue. If this isn’t available, clear nail hardener or polish could work, too. 

Make sure your nails are bare and polish-free before following the instructions below:

  • Cut the tea bag to match the length and width of the affected nail area.
  • Apply a drop of nail glue to the crack or break, then carefully place the tea bag over it – you may need to use tweezers to get the placement perfect.
  • Once it’s dry, smooth out the surface of the nail using a buffer, then apply whatever polish you like!

Use dip powder as a long-term solution.

For a longer-lasting solution, ditch the tea bag and go get dip powder. This five-minute video from Kiara Sky shows how to fix small cracks in nails. Gently glue the crack together, paint the whole nail with gel polish, dip in powder and repeat. In the end, it will look stronger than ever! Magic.

Ultimately, prevention is the best cure.

Avoid having to fix broken nails in the first place! There are many steps everyone can take to prevent future mishaps. For one, the AOCD recommends using a fine-grained file to buff nails in the direction they grow.

Also, use gloves while cleaning or doing the dishes. We’re all guilty of not wearing gloves when we should, but we also regret it after feeling nasty chemicals on our hands. Take that regret as motivation to prevent future damage to nails and skin.

If someone’s nails haven’t quite recovered from chronic nail-biting or repetitive gel manicures, they should consider a nail hardener! Hardener can be used on bare nails or over manicures for reinforcement.

Now that you have the hard facts from health and beauty experts, you can go on living your best life and not let these little snags (pun intended) get to you. If your newly fixed nails need some polish, try these color ideas!

ENTITY shows you how to fix broken nails using tips from expert manicurists.


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