ENTITY shares horror stories of an overly attached girlfriend.

One hundred missed calls, snooping through you Facebook page asking, “Who’s this?” and having way too many pictures of you on their Instagram. We’re not talking about your mother. It’s far worse than that.

We’re talking about your overly attached girlfriend.

The overly attached girlfriend meme features 20-year-old Liana Morris from Texas. She wanted to win a Justin Bieber contest, so she entered by uploading a video on YouTube where you had to alter the lyrics to a JB tune. Little did Morris know, she would later become the face of the overly attached girlfriend meme.

ENTITY reports horror stories of an overly attached girlfriend.

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Having a clingy or overly attached girlfriend is not that bad right? Isn’t it endearing? I mean, she just cares about you.

Well, these following Reddit stories may want to make you switch your relationship status to single.

1. The “overly attached girlfriend” who wasn’t even a girlfriend.

“We weren’t even near to the level of having the relationship label, and this girl was crazy. I met her on tinder and we met up for drinks, hooked up for a couple weeks.

“Then she started to get crazy. She would freak out if I didn’t reply to messages quickly, or blow up my phone while I was at work. She would text me from random numbers saying shit like, ‘How is the wife?!’ if I forgot to reply to a text.”

2. She will do whatever it takes to be in your life forever.

ENTITY shares horror stories of an overly attached girlfriend.

“We lived a bit of a distance away from each other and when I would visit (about every other week or so) she’d spend the last day or two I was actually visiting crying inconsolably because she couldn’t stand to be away from me … even when it’d only be a couple days that we’d be apart.”

3. When she’s jealous of your sisters.

1. “Intentionally not taking her birth control so she’d get pregnant because she wanted to be a mother so badly.”
2. “Threatening to – and eventually – [jumping] out of my moving car while I was driving.”
3. “So many fights because she’d make disparaging comments about my sisters and I would defend them.”

4. There is no such thing as family or friends anymore. Just the two of you.

“She was on a family vacation with me once and got mad at me because my cousin and I were ‘talking and laughing too much.’ [This is] a cousin that I haven’t seen in months. She was just jealous that I wasn’t talking to her more even though I see her like everyday.

“She also got mad/jealous anytime I would hang out with my friends girls or guys. I got sick of it and dumped her ass. I couldn’t take it. I need my freedom.”

5. And sometimes, there’s no such thing as moving too fast.

“I met a girl on OkCupid and she seemed pretty cool online, so I agreed to meet her in person. She was nice and it was flattering that she was instantly into me, but she was really off-putting because she was basically making long-term plans for how often we would hang out. Considering I had literally just met her an hour before, that was way too fast for me.”

So beware, because the overly attached girlfriend can be creepier than you think.

ENTITY shares horror stories of an overly attached girlfriend.

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