Entity says thank you mom to all strong mothers this mothers day

Dear Mom,

Thank you for holding my hand when I walked across the street.

Thank you for supporting me when I spent four hours designing menus to sell paper food on the street. Literally paper food. Like if someone ordered an orange, I would draw an orange and give them the drawing. And charge them ten bucks.

Thank you Mom for making a big deal about my birthday, even though it was really close to Jesus’ birthday and I felt weird about stealing the limelight.

Entity says thank you mom to all strong mothers

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Thank you Mom for taking the extra time to make creative snacks to show you cared, like that blue Jell-O that you somehow fit Goldfish crackers into.

Thank you for making my lunch every day of grade school, even though I was super lazy and was MORE than capable of doing it myself (but again, the sin of sloth affects us all…fine, mostly me).

Thank you for leaving little notes in my lunchbox to remind me that I’m loved.

Thank you for throwing a bunch of hobbies at me to see what sticked. Although I didn’t end up sticking with violin, Tae Kwon Do, soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, modern dance, or button-making, I would have never stuck with theatre or piano if you hadn’t introduced me to them.

Entity says thank you mom to all strong mothers

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Thank you Mom for letting me stay up late and skip first period so we could watch Kate Middleton’s wedding together.

Thank you for constantly reminding me how important a W2 is, even if my pseudo-adult mind does not know how to properly prioritize legal documents.

Thank you for micro-managing my scholarship applications, even when all I wanted to do was be an angsty teenager and pout at the wall.

Entity says thank you mom to all strong mothers

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Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick, especially when you caught my illness and hid it so I wouldn’t worry about you.

Thank you for spending three days straight in TJ Maxx with me so I could acquire something resembling a business-casual wardrobe for my first internship.

Thank you Mom for making me take a six-hour self-defense class at our local police station. Luckily I’ve never had to use it, but I definitely feel slightly less helpless in a life-or-death situations.

Thank you for telling me to eat pasta when my extreme dieting turned me into a grumpy Jack Skellington…even if you had no idea why I was even dieting in the first place (neither did I).

Entity says thank you mom to all strong mothers

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Thank you for telling me when my foundation was way too white for my skin tone. You were totally right about this one, I admit it; I looked back on some of those photos and I look like the ghost of Christmas past.

Thank you teaching me how to live a life of faith without forcing any religious agenda on me; I cannot emphasize this enough.

Thank you for driving me to all those songwriting competitions that I learned so much from.

Thank you for strongly recommending I go to the school that wouldn’t put me in piles of debt.

Thank you for teaching me how to demand the respect that I deserve.

Thank you for being the mom who would show up to everything.

Thank you for putting up with me.

Thank you for being the mom who was always there.

And, last of all…just thank you for being you. “Momming” is your superpower, and I’m pretty dang proud I get to say I’m your daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day Ma 🙂






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