ENTITY discusses five dance workouts

When Colombian aerobics instructor Alberto Perez forgot his normal music for a class in the late 90s, he played the only music he had on him: salsa and merengue. It wasn’t his intention, but he inadvertently started the dance workout craze we now know as Zumba. Over two decades later, Zumba is still of the most popular dance workouts.

However, for some, the fun of Zumba was the discovery of a new form of danceable exercise. For those of you hoping to feel this same spark of excitement again, look no further than these five other workouts. They might not be Zumba, but they’ll make you smile, sweat and hopefully forget you’re exercising.

1 Bowka

ENTITY Mag Shared 5 Dance Workouts

This South African-inspired dance workout is quickly gaining popularity. The class is comprised of a blend of dance and step aerobics. The moves in this workout are based on English letters, using your body to mimic the shape of each letter.

The moves are basic, but they lend themselves to a whole lot of creativity from the individual. Each dancer can put their own spin on the simple moves, so a more experienced dancer can up the difficulty on their own without putting pressure on a beginner.

It’s also easier to do than Zumba since it doesn’t require memorization of choreography, according to Healthline.

The name of this dance workout comes from the Portmanteau word for “boxing,” and is also a style of South African music. This exercise trend started in LA but is expected to expand quickly.

2 Yoga Dance

ENTITY Mag Shares 5 Dance Workouts

Popularized at music festivals, yoga dance is one of the latest trends in fitness. Today, yoga dance is most popular as a party event, where hundreds can sign up to flow through poses as a DJ accompanies the program.

This class is perfect for someone who can’t seem to center themselves during the sometimes dull flow of yoga. In an article published by the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, experts claim yoga dance can increase and invigorate yogis in their practice.

Since it’s based around yoga flow, this workout it also less cardio and impact heavy than Zumba. While this dance workout was first created in the late 80s, it’s just now becoming a fitness craze.

3 Pop Pilates

ENTITY discusses 5 dance workouts

The term was coined by the popular fitness YouTuber and blogger Blogilates. This dance workout combines classic pilates moves and poses with popular music and dance moves. It’s equipment-free but promises to sculpt a lean dancer’s body as if you spent hundreds on shoes or proper equipment. While the trend is still in its early phases, there are many pilates studios offering pop pilates.

This class is perfect for someone who is sick of their normal exercise, but still wants a challenging experience.

4 Piloxing

Entity Mag Shares 5 Dance Workouts

This class is exactly what it sounds like: a mix of pilates and boxing. The class, like kickboxing and unlike a lot of pilates classes, is set to popular, high tempo music. The dance workout combines intense cardio with strengthening repetitions. According to Piloxing.com, the class improves balance, both physically and mentally.

This workout is great for anyone interested in the intensity of boxing without the aggression. Dancers wear weighted gloves and perform sequences on mats.

The Piloxing brand claims to have classes in multiple countries, so you can use the website to search for a class near you.

5 Bollysoul

ENTITY Mag Shares 5 Dance Workouts

Bollysoul is another culturally-based dance workout, except this one is inspired by Bollywood-style dance. Bollysoul, like Zumba, focuses on cardio. Classes are usually around 50 minutes and claim to strengthen and stretch the person to the energetic soundtrack of Bollywood tunes. This class fosters a fun and dynamic community, as dancers are encouraged to reflect the tone of the music in their dancing and in their smiles.

This class is perfect for someone who loves Zumba but wants to switch it up. It’s also low impact and adaptable, so it’s perfect for all fitness and dance levels.

We love Zumba and all its done for those of us who love a good cardio workout but also love to dance, but now you don’t have to limit yourself.

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