ENTITY shares 5 nightmarish gynocologist stories.

Finding a woman who enjoys going to the gynecologist is practically impossible. From putting your feet in the stirrups to feeling a stranger scrape your cervix, women know it’s an unpleasant experience.

But sometimes, what might seem like the usual-awkward-gyno appointment can end up like an episode of “GYNOS Gone Wild.” If any of you have ever felt like this, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

ENTITY asked real women to share their best – or worst, depending on how you look at it – stories. And we have to say, these experiences will have you laughing, cringing or straight up annoyed.

1 Medical Doctor or Marriage Family Therapist?

“My friend had been dating this guy that ended up giving her herpes. When she went to the doctor’s to get it checked out, the gyno went on to give her relationship advice and told her, ‘Well you think he’s the one … but obviously he’s not.’ As if she wasn’t uncomfortable enough as it is.”

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2 Blast From the Past

“One of my friends (I know, sounds fake but it’s real) had an appointment with her gyno when they asked her if it was okay for an intern to join. She obviously didn’t mind, until the guy who walked in was someone she had a one-night stand with two days earlier.

Too embarrassed by the whole situation, they both didn’t say anything and had to sit through the entire examination. And no, you might hope they ended up boyfriend or girlfriend, but they never talked to each other again.”

3 The Virgin Monologues

“The first time I got a pelvic exam it was horrible. I told her I was a virgin and that I was really scared. She assured me everything would be fine, so I trusted her. I also tried to convince myself I’d be okay. If other women could do it, why couldn’t I, right?

Well … my doctor was pregnant at the time and her fingers were swollen. Not to mention that she wasn’t even in the best of moods. So when it was finally time for her to stick her fingers in me she just DID.

Didn’t let me know that’s what she was going to do. Didn’t tell me to relax. She just went for it and her fingers felt the like tentacles of a frightened octopus. Just everywhere!”

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4 Unsolicited Advice

“The Nurse Practitioner gave me a pap smear instead of the actual doctor. Because I mentioned my wedding, she talked for AN HOUR on how she was going to get me back on the pill so that she could control my period – even though I mentioned nothing about wanting to change my cycle. She said that we would need to do it early on in the case I gained weight from the birth control.”

5 Better Than Birth Control

“When I was 17, I went to the doctor’s for a check up and to get birth control since I just started being sexually active with my boyfriend. While I was laying on the table, feet in the stirrups, with her fingers inside of me, the doctor began to give me abstinence counseling and was discouraging me from having sex.

She literally said, ‘God would prefer it if you remained abstinent.’ Seriously?! You’re doing this now? It was so uncomfortable!”

Have you had any experiences like these? ENTITY would love to hear your horror stories. Comment below or tweet us at @entity_mag and let us know your most awkward gyno moments.

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