Entity shows the best summer camps where your little ones can engage with nature.

Ah, summer – a time when children are full of freedom and adults are full of dread. Although the warm temperatures and the abundance of hot dogs and fresh watermelon make for happiness, the thought of having children out of school and at home for three months is nothing short of terrifying for parents.

If it’s only the first week of summer and you’re already in need of some R&R, check out these five summer camps your kids are sure to love!

1 Kennolyn Camps

Located in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, Kennolyn is a sprawling, traditional summer camp set among towering redwood trees. At Kennolyn, the kids engage in “outposts,” in which they pack up their belongings to spend a night outside of their cabins. The camp also boasts activities from trapezing to fencing to outdoor cooking.

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2 Lake Bryn Mawr Camp for Girls

Located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, Lake Bryn Mawr is an all-girls’ camp that promotes character ideals. The camp’s philosophy is built upon the values of loyalty, beauty, merit and comradeship. At Lake Bryn Mawr Camp, your kids can make friendships and find lifelong “summer sisters.”

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3 Silver Lake Camp

Located in Swan Lake, New York, Silver Lake Camp’s facilities include basketball, tennis, volleyball courts and even a skate park. If your child isn’t athletically inclined, the camp also has a wide array of visual arts activities ranging from dance to costuming.

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4 Pali Adventures Camp

At Pali Adventures Camp, located in Running Springs, CA, your child (between the age of eight and 16) will experience something a little different than the run-of-the-mill, log cabin sleepaway camp. Each camper picks a “speciality” on which to focus during the his or her stay. These specialties span a wide range of interests ranging from art to acting to motor sports.

5 Camp Four Winds Westward Ho

Located in Deer Harbor, Washington, Camp Four Winds Westward Ho is self-described as a “haven for young people.” Four Winds is the ideal place for your child to connect with nature and stay away from technological distractions. Boasting the widest array of water and land sports you’ll ever see, your kids are sure to engage with their athletic sides at Four Winds Westward Ho.

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