Entity reports on the popularity of the yoga trend.

We all have that one friend who is perpetually “coming from yoga class.” Whether you’re going out to Sunday brunch, grabbing a bite to eat or having a celebratory Wine Wednesday, she’s always decked out in her workout gear. You’re pretty sure that weird yoga mat carrying strap is physically attached to her body. (You’ve never seen her without it, so your theory seems accurate so far.) When you see her fresh bottle of lemon water in hand and a sense of quiet optimism on her face, does it ever make you wonder why she loves yoga so much?

There are plenty of exercise regimens out there, but what makes yoga so popular in today’s culture? Unlike other techniques, men and women today tend to try yoga and stick with it.

Researchers from the Journal of Health Psychology conducted a study that showed how people start yoga for one reason, but then usually continue for an entirely different reason. The reasons for starting yoga were fairly typical: flexibility, fitness and stress relief. However, the responses of 516 active yoga participants indicated that their reasons for sticking with yoga had entirely changed over the course of their practice. Though most had started to improve their physical and mental health, the majority of people stuck with yoga because of its spiritual aspect.

In an article for Time, Crystal L. Park from the University of Connecticut adds, “I think because it is such a mind-body practice people find themselves being more relaxed and more mindful, and they start going back for those things.” This may very well be true of the practice that dates back thousands of years.

Whether you’re looking to increase your flexibility or to just decompress after a long work day, yoga is a great way to get in your daily athletic and spiritual needs.

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