Man sues Bumble date for texting during movie because men are ridiculous, Entity reports.

A Texas man is suing a bad Bumble date for texting during “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.” Ugh.

Brandon Vezmar, a THIRTY-SEVEN-year-old man from Austin thinks a $17.31 3D movie ticket is a worthy cause for a lawsuit. Who even likes 3D anyway?

Turns out this guy took an unnamed woman, 35, to the theater for their first date, but she texted “at least 10-20 times in the first 15 minutes” of the movie. Vezmar called it the “date from hell” and said he asked her to stop, but she refused.

Finally, he told her to go outside to text, at which point she just left the theater. Unfortunately for Vezmar, she was his ride. Too bad, so sad. So a few days later he texted to try and get her to pay him back for the movie ticket, and she refused since “he took me out on a date.”

She claims that her phone was “low” and “wasn’t bothering anybody” and that she was only on it a few times since her friend was “having a fight with her boyfriend.” Meanwhile, she claims that Vezmar was harassing her, since he had also been contacting her little sister to get the money back for the movie ticket. Are you kidding?

The guy’s petition says that Vezmar is focusing on the “principle” and not the money since his date’s behavior “is a threat to civilized society.” Okay, okay. Enough. Look, I love movies as much as the next guy. And I HATE when people have their phones out. But would I sue a date over it? NO. I just wouldn’t go out with that person again. That’s how a normal person responds.

I mean, God. Even the CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse Tim League offered to give Vezmar a gift card for a free movie so that he would stop bogging down the courts with a “superfluous lawsuit.”

Of course, I’m not in the mindset of an entitled male. You know, they deserve the world so if a date goes poorly they deserve their money back, right? I mean, we get groped, ghosted, called all sorts of names if we don’t want to go to bed with someone, harassed, propositioned, asked all sorts of creepy invasive questions and we just move on… but if a guy has less than a stellar night, he totally deserves a refund.

I mean, look at this SOB in the UK, who had the balls to invite some girl to his place for dinner after meeting her for coffee for all of 25 minutes. When she declined he tried to tempt her with fresh groceries — oh okay, now that I know you’re not serving expired products? — but clearly that still didn’t work.

He tried the same thing the following day, and when she declined again – very politely, I might add – he freaked out and said she wasted his time and requested she pay him back for the coffee he bought so that he could spend it on a date that would actually go somewhere.

Uh, dates don’t come with a money-back guarantee. You’re taking a risk when you go on a date. Lucky for you, that risk is usually just that you might lose a few hours of your night on a dud or some money, and not that you could possibly lose your life, like this girl.

So guys, maybe consider yourselves lucky and not be so goddamn entitled. Dating sucks for everyone. It’s a crapshoot, okay? We all know it. But if we’re being real right now, girls have the short end of the stick here. So stop fucking sending us bills if it isn’t a love connection. Trust us, we’re paying for it.

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