What even is the definition of soulmate?

Urban Dictionary says a soulmate is a “person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet — a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before.”

Sounds like something we’re interested in. So where can we find one of these?

After asking everyone we know, we have turned to the internet (because it has all the answers, right?) to learn where people are finding their soulmates in hopes we will be able to find one of our own.

It seems as though there is not a specific place you can go to find your soulmate, and the places people have found theirs are much too varied.

So instead, we have put together a list of places you should not look for your soulmate.

1 Family reunions

There is a serious social taboo on dating your relatives and we’re pretty sure in this modern age, there is some solid science to back up these claims.

Even if they’re your third cousin, twice-removed, in this case, we think it’s better safe than sorry. Just don’t do it. You can leave that new, skin-tight dress at home when you’re packing for your family reunion this summer. You won’t need it.

2 In a class

Boys are a distraction. We’ve been told this by our mothers since the day we were born. If we are going to rise to the top (as we plan to) faster than all of the males around us, it is easier when we are already at the top (or closer to it than the men) of our class.

They are definitely only trying to gain access to your flawless, color-coded notes — which you experienced a lot of hand cramps to take, BTW. So there’s no way he’s getting them.

3 At a bar

This might be the easiest place to get hit on and fall into the illusion that you’ve found your soulmate, but it’s a trap.

Your soulmate is surely spending their night reading their favorite novel or touring a film festival, not doing something as invaluable as getting wasted at a bar. Just because you do it doesn’t mean you want your future soulmate doing it, right? You’re so above that.

4 Dog parks

Now this sounds like a safe place to look for your soulmate. I am very into men who like animals, and if they own a dog that seems like a good sign that they’re a humane person.

BUT, if they have a dog they will probably never love you as much as they love their dog. Do you love anyone as much as you love your dog? Would you ever put your significant other above your dog?

No, and we need someone to love and adore us more than anyone or anything else in the world –including their pet. We’re not here searching for a soulmate to play second fiddle to their slobbery hound. Plus, you’re more likely to fall in love with one of the dogs.

Well, we hope this narrows down your search at least a little bit. Good luck!

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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