Entity lists worthy organizations to support on International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is March 8th, so why not do something this year to support women’s rights around the world? Here are five organization you can support that strive to empower women everywhere:


This nonprofit has received lots of attention lately and is now facing opposition from a conservative US president and congress. However, Planned Parenthood does much more than offer a safe space for abortions. They are an important advocate and informational resource on birth control, accessible healthcare, safe sex and a whole lot more. Planned Parenthood also works with other organizations around the world to advocate for and educate women on their reproductive rights.

Entity lists five worthy organizations to support on International Women's Day

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At first glance, the American Civil Liberties Union may not seem like women’s first weapon against inequality. However, the ACLU fights for the rights of every American citizen under the US Constitution.


Have you ever wanted to run for public office but felt discouraged by the overall lack of support? She Should Run is a politically independent group that aims to give women the encouragement and resources they need to run for public offices. This organization believes that governments that contain officials from all different walks of life will benefit the people they serve.


The mission of Global Fund for Women is to spot women who are working to upset the status quo. This organization believes that all women and girls should be able to speak up for their rights and connects women with their large network of advocates and resources.

Entity lists five organizations to support for International Women's Day

Hillary Clinton addressing the fourth Women’s Conference in Beijing, China.


Pathfinder is currently working towards a future in which everyone is educated on safe and responsible sex, reproductive rights, safe access to reproductive healthcare and eradicating the possibility of new HIV infections. They work with communities around the world to educate and support them towards achieving that future.

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